These events are divided regionally &/or by theme.  They are open to individuals who have been nominated forward stemming from their debut at a BodyProud Showcase event. 

These events typically include media / scouts / photographers / pathways to support brand-building momentum, dream-achievement, and to expand the reach of the participants message. 

4 Options:

  • 3 minute podium "Share My Story" 
  • 3 minutes in the spotlight
  • 5 minutes podium & spotlight
  • group flex-off / posedown

"Share My Story" - 3 Mins

Each participant is given a microphone to share their their transformation story: where they came, where they are, what sparked their transformation, what they are proud of, and what life experience / message they want others to learn from. 

The BodyProud Story provides individuals the opportunity speak their truth, to speak from their heart and be authentic and feel full of pride and celebrate their transformation success. Tons of breatkthroughs, AHA's, and personal discovery elements. 

This aspect alone is GREAT for those who choose to master their own empowerment.  Very rewarding in that respect alone. 

Participants have the option to share their new BodyProud Mission Statement and/or publicly DARE themselves to participate in a Spotlight event of a specific date / location. 

Props may be permitted. participants should clear with the event promoter well in advance. 

3 Minutes in the Spotlight

In addition to the 2 Minute Platform, participants are able to take center stage to showcase new talents, fulfill their passion, highlight their personality, pose their body, experience themselves as an actor, debut as their own superhero / superstar / angelic god(dess), 

Props are often permitted, yet all participants should clear with the event promoter well in advance.

**** Note: For those who wish to be in the spotlight and take the podium, total time is 5 mins (including prop set-up and tear-down)

Group-Flex or Posedown

In addition, or on its own, participants have the opportunity to enter the group round.  This is the time that all desiring participants pose and flex their body to high energy music and a roaring crowd. See All Options.

Be sure to check each individual event to learn about cash, Prizes, rewards and which components are available, the entry deadline, and the type of venue.  

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