Week 1 - new training programme - Getting ready for Las Vegas

Week 1 - new training programme - Getting ready for Las Vegas

Week 1 - new training programme - Getting ready for Las Vegas

It's been nearly one week now that I have started my new training programme with Bernard ex professional boxer and my personal coach now...whooo whoooooo...sounds great.

He has given me my training programme for the week and I train with him twice a week.

This month we are building up my stamina, endurance and burning my fat off!

so lots and lots of cardio for me this month!!!! when I say lots ...it's lots : i.e 1 hour slow jog / 30min swim / 2 hours high intensity thai boxing class

but heyyyy I am going to VEGGGAAASSSSS in 5 months for my next competition...no joking in Vegas, it's the business ! no laughing matter...competition seems really tough !

I am soooooo glad I did FAME Bikini UK. I met amazing people, It was such an amazing experience and I have learnt lots out of this:

a/ I need to get a darker tan for sure
My tan was not dark enough at all.

b/ I need to get waxed (must be long enough - allow time to grow) at least one week before starting the fake tan...sorry for the details...it's just those little things I found out too late a t my expense

c/ organize my food properly for the day: wholemeal rice cake and peanut butter...yummm yummm

d/ speak to everyone on the day and take lots of pics afterwards

e/ go to the after party

f/ bring some exercise bands / weights to get the muscles pumping backstage

g/ wear something like a kimono / Sahara dress with buttons at front / rain coat

h/ Eating after competition : stay healthy and reasonable, allow myself some treats but not go over the top ...I did regret it...it's waisting so much time getting it off again afterwards...

i/ record feelings in a blog on the day of competition and just after competition

j/ do not drive the first day of competition as too nervous to drive on the first day

That's all i can think of right now...
I am focused!
I am working hard and it's starting to show :)))
I am grateful for having a body responding so well to training and healthy eating!
To our success and to our health
Ariane x

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