Three day workout June 24,23,22 + a Friday June 19

For the first three days of the week, I was a fit and go guy.
I did whole body workouts and threw in 7 minute treadmill runs to complement my weights training.
I had done various workouts already on my chest, each day in fact included pumping my chest and I can feel some muscle development on the upper pecs. My frustration is not getting the midline divide, deeply furrowed. I can blame it on genetics, but the answer is wrong. I increase my chest mass to make the furrow more pronounced.
I did flat bench, shoulder width and narrow grip with minimal 10 lb plates on each side.
Inclines did both dumbbell and barbell presses.
For pec decks, did both machine and dumbbells.
Dips- at least 2 sets of 10, but my second set is weak, my arms would shudder violently and I would drop the set off
What I can do more: Pushups, raise leg pushups. DEcline chest presses on smith machine, DB presses on decline presses.
I actually like bench presses but it frustrates me, the heaviest i can do is to have maximum 20 lb plates only on each side. I don't get it. I was advised the time I can lift my body weight, which is around 75 kg, that means 165 lbs, involving 82.5 lbs plates on each side! that's a goal I should aim for.

My shoulders are quite broad already to speak of. But when I looked at my delts from the back, it looks lame. I lack doing rear delt work, i should position myself on a decline chair and do db shoulder lateral raises.
I did minimal 5 and 10 lb laterals raises, kinda like flapping my arms sidewards.
seated dumbbell shoulder presses, and machine presses.
Shoulder twists are good, they serve as rear delt exercises as well.
Reverse lateral raises on barbells
Have to do: shoulder front raises, shrugs, rear delts on incline bench

Ive been doing lat. pulldowns, whole body pulldowns, machine pulldowns with plates.
I do upper back rows, rowing machines for both back and cardio as well (ABS).
I also use the pulldown and vertical traction machines for my mid ribs and back.
I also went through DB rows, with bench and without
Lower back counterweight machines
Have to do more: deadlifts, cable rows

did leg extension, leg curl, leg press machines, squats, treamill running, floating drift machine
Have to do more: increase intensity on these, calf rotary press(Fort) or calf press with leg press machine on the incline.

Minimal bicep hammer curl and regular curl, front lat pulldown with secondary bicep burn
Have to do more: bicep preacher curl, isolated db curl, cable curls.

all only secondary to dips, and presses
have to do more: triceps pushdown, tricep extension, frech presses

Abs: leg raises, lower leg 90 degree raises, planks and side planks, swiss ball crunches, regular bech crunches.

Apart from these, I also tried to eat right, but mostly I still ate what I wanted.

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