It has been about 2 1/2 month now since my Stroke, and guess what??!!!

I went to the gym for the 1st time today!!! 

I went with my husband.  I can't do any cardio yet, because of the unknown about my heart condition, but I did some light exercises. Some squats, curls, shoulder raises, lunges.  Some floor work such as planks, back and side leg lifts, and I did tonnes of stretches.  I still move pretty slow, and really have to be careful with my balance, but this is a huge step for me!  I'm really excited!!

Then my husband and I left the gym an hour later and went to a near by, almost empty, parking lot, where I actually practiced DRIVING!!!!  I was so nervous, I though I wouldn't be able to respond if I had to stop quickly etc...but I did excellently!!!!   So tonight I pick up my daughter from her dance class.  I'm getting some normalcy back in my life!!!!!  So soon too!!!!  :)


And just as a side note, I heard back from the surgeon's office yesterday.  They have finally looked at my heart pictures, and were just calling to let me know that I will be scheduled for 2 other appointments to gather more information about my heart first, before I can visit with the surgeon.  I will be scheduled for a "Heart MRI" and a second appointment at some other heart clinic.  I have be told I'll receive a letter in the mail with in the next 1-2 weeks with the locations, dates, and times.

I'm just happy things are starting to move forward....  :)

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