Let me tell you, working in the fitness industry, this is one of the busiest times of the year. Everywhere you turn, people are focused on the things in their life they need to change, and many times (especially at this time of the year after maybe indulging a little too much during the holiday season) this includes their state of health.

What I have found in my experience is that a lot of people fail to keep their “resolutions” because these resolutions are usually based on the negative concept of what we shouldn’t be doing. Our resolutions are often based on beating ourselves up for past mistakes, and who wants to start off their new year like that! Instead, if you are going to make resolutions for the New Year, make your resolutions based on positive thinking and affirmative action. Reframe your thought process and instead of saying you aren’t going to do something, think of new things you are going to do to this New Year to improve your health and lifestyle!

For example, if you need to add more movement and activity to your life, resolve that you will pick a new fitness class, grab a friend and go. Be creative with and have fun making this resolution. I love people who think outside of the box to benefit their health. There are a million things to start doing that will get you moving! It doesn’t have to be the same thing everyday—you could find a ball room dancing class at the community center or a snowshoeing workshop at the local outdoor store. Add something fun and active to your life.

Or if you are not happy with the way you have been eating, don’t tell yourself you will never touch another piece of cake or glass of wine this year. Instead make a positive resolution to change your eating habits. One of my favorite ideas for a new change is that each week or every other week you will find one fruit or vegetable at the grocery store that you have never tried and actually try it. Branch out to the co-op or ethnic grocery stores to find great, healthy and different options.

Hopefully you get the idea I’m trying to pass on here. Don’t start the New Year by beating yourself up. Instead vow to take action and be specific about adding more healthy things to your life. I always say it is all about the attitude! Feel free to share your “positive” resolutions with friends, family and co-workers —someone else just might be inspired by your ideas!

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