My bodyPROUD Experiment-from nutrition to exercise to lifestyle-Day 1

Wow, what an amazing day!


Aside from changing over my way of eating I also made the decision to increase all of my activity levels! Essentially living in the middle of the forest, and right on a lake, I have the perfect surroundings for this journey!


For the first time in many years I went for a run together with my beautiful wife Mindy

She was amazing! Even though it was the first outing in awhile for her too, she was a great motivator and I was so proud of her for displaying such energy and determination! (at one point I saw her slowing down - she was way ahead of me :) - and then watched as she dug deep and picked up her pace! It was my inspiration to keep going and I surprised myself on how well I did ... THANKS Mindy!)


We started out with a quick paced walk around our lake (well, about 1/10 around the lake LOL) and then jogged back. There were a few times when my knee gave a little bit of a warning and wanted to give out, and I pushed through that and everything was good! I even managed to have some extra saved energy at the end to speed it up as we approached our place. Mindy was ahead so I had hoped to catch up with her, and it seems as though she also got a burst of energy and before I reached her she too was off speeding along!


We got back and ran straight down to the lake and jumped in! Man, that is refreshing!!!  It was unexpected, and Mindy was even fully clothed.


We spent the next half hour or so swimming and then relaxing before heading out with the boat to do some skiing. Even though I love kneeboarding,


today I vowed to learn how to wakeboard! Mindy is a pro and so is my brother-in-law, Mark, so I was in good hands. After strapping in (both feet are tightly positioned into the straps on the board) I was ready to be pulled, or should I say, yanked, by the boat! It took about 10 tries, and I finally got up! Actually, it was when I decided not to think about the action and concentrate on how to position myself, but rather to trust in the process. To just know that I know what I need to do and allow it to happen. And up I went! It was amazing!!! Very different feel from my favorite water sport of kneeboarding, and very cool! I was up and stayed up, even through the period of wavy water when another boat passed, until I got tired. Fun!


I am also happy to say that I had a great day of eating too!


The day began with a bowl of cereal (Jordon's All Natural Morning Crisps) with some added blueberries, salba and almond milk. I also had a slice of rice bread (yum!!!) with coconut oil spread onto it with a bit of added sea salt. Throughout the day I had various fruits - bananas, oranges, plums, berries & goji berries - whenever I felt hungry. Just before the Wakeboarding I also had a Lara Bar and a plum. A little later, once we came back in from the great day outside, I had a slice of Ezekiel bread with some peanut butter, jam and some 100% chocolate spread along with agave nectar for added sweetness.. Supper was made up of asparagus, broccoli, corn on the cob and a piece of barbequed salmon (prepared with a bit of salt and pepper) and a green salad with shredded radish. A bit later in the evening, to satisfy my cravings, I had a bowl of berries. A new supplement that I have added to my nutrition regime is Chlorella for its detoxifying benefits, especially during this transitional way of eating, and it has a whole lot more benefits too!


All in all I am very happy with the first day of my raw food bodyPROUD experiment!



The Experiment

So I have made the decision to really embrace the raw food way of eating and research, develop and implement various bodyPROUD principles and lifestyle changes! To take the next 90 days to experiment with this way of eating and see how my body responds.

What are my objectives? Well .... health ... and happiness! To see how changing the way I eat, changing the availability of nutrients to be absorbed by my body will impact my health. How is my energy level be impacted? How is my exercising regiment be impacted, changed or evolved? And what will I do with all the extra time that I have by not "cooking" the same way, or cleaning up the same amount of pots, pans, dishes, etc?  


My diet will consist mainly of (approx 70%):
  1. Fruits
  2. Vegetables
  3. Nuts
  4. Seeds - super foods such hemp, chia, salba, etc
  5. Grains - such as spelt, rice, quinoa, ezekiel, etc
  6. Other Super Foods -chocolate (pure cocoa), greens, chlorella, maca, etc

I also plan to:

  1. Exercise regularly
  2. Meditate regularly
  3. Explore what makes me happy!


I am tracking my progress here in this blog: The foods I am eating, the way I am feeling, what I am experiencing and info that I gather along the way through research and development.


If you have any suggestions, tips or ideas to share please let me know, cause as much as this is my journey, it is here to share with all of you as well!




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Jeffrey Kippel
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Comment by Yvette Shaw on July 18, 2011 at 3:50pm

Well done Jeff (and Mindy). I really enjoyed sharing the events of your day!

FYI, my diet also consists mainly of raw foods and as a result,  my digestive system has become much healthier.  For years, I suffered with internal spasms frequently, especially after I ate. Often it felt like a machine gun going off repeatedly in my stomach, which was agonizing to say the least. About 2 years ago, I decided to not only radically change the foods I ate but also the way in which they were prepared. I have made excellent progress and my intestinal tract is much much healthier now.


Be the engineer of your own body. Your manual is specifically designed for you. Get a regular MOT and fine tune your engine so it can lead you on your journey efficiently and effectively!


Good luck over the next 80 something days.....!!


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