It's been 6 months since my last post. Just over 11 months since my stoke and just over 6 months since my heart procedure. I am doing really well. I have gained most of my energy back and have been working out at our local Y on a regular basis 3x's per week for the last couple months.  I walk nearly everyday, and have noticed much improvement with my mobility, balance and speed, there are still some issues in those areas, but I will continue to work on them.  My fine motor skills and dexterity of my right hand still have far to go, but I hope with continued work that will come back too. My speech is still a little off, I have not seen much improvement in that area, so I will likely have permanent slurring occasionally, however it's not bad most of the time, just when I'm tired or nervous.  I'm still not back to work yet, but I am hoping that I will be by the end of the summer.

Hope you all enjoy the summer!

Take care


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