About a year ago I learned about nutrient density. You see it's not just about what you eat, it's how your body uses what you eat.


I would like to share with you one of my personal journeys. It is the spreading of this knowledge and the realizations that came along with it that are fueling me to share a message. Because had I known this before I believe I could have saved my dad's life. Or in the least it would have given me more years to spend with him. Around the same time that I made a decision to eat organic superfoods my dad was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and passed away two years later just after his 65th birthday. While I was experimenting with superfoods I would share the info with him I was learning, but at that time I really didn't know what I didn't know and he wasn't interested in hearing about it. Not surprising since the doctors advised him against it and the nutritionist provided him a diet plan filled with what I would now call "franken-food". Ridiculous! My dad spent most of his life on one diet or another, usually the one that seemed the easiest to do based on whether it would allow him to continue eating the "non-food franken-foods" that he liked. One of the last diets he did was based around little to zero carbs and tons of fat, no matter the source. He would eat all the things that he enjoyed and if it was not on the "diet" he was able to justify how it really was. And of course he would eat rolaids and tums like candy.   And I didn't have the undertanding to get him to quickly see the benefits that he could experience in a matter of days just by switching to nutrient-density and alkalyzing the body.  Because if he did I believe that he would still be around today. As I saw him become more ill I made a much stronger effort to eat healthy, organic foods. Yet although that was what I wanted, I didn't have the knowledge what to look for, what to get and where to get it from.. I didn't even understand or know about GMO 's -- Genetically Modified Organisms -- ie. "food" that's actually no longer food. It may look like food, seem real, feel real, smell real... and it isn't real.

So let's have some fun here. Raise your hand if you like food. Yes, I know you may be reading this in a room by yourself and you don't think I am seriously asking you to raise your hand, and yes, I am. So go ahead raise your hand if you like food. Keep it up if you eat food. OK, yes, that is the one thing that everyone on this planet has in common. You, me, they, eat food. OK, so keep your hand up if you eat healthy foods. Still up? OK, keep your hand up if you eat mainly organic foods? This is where we lose most ... so if your hand is up that's great! Good for you, so keep it up there. Keep it up there if you eat primarily non-GMO foods. OK, you guys are in luck. You'll really like this. Actually, all of you will... even those who didn't have your hand up past "do you eat".  For now, anyone with their hand still up can put it down. And I have one more question for you which I will get to in a moment. Hang tight ...


Being in the fitness industry I was accustomed to having a whey protein shake 1-2 times a day, every day for the past 25+ years.  I had thought it was the king of protein! And then I learned that it only has about 18-20% net nitrogen utilization. Regular dietary protein is even higher at 30-32%. Then I found out that there is an even higher source that ranks in at 99% net nitrogen utilization. That's 99% used for protein synthesis ... or more simply stated, to build muscle. And then I learned that most of us are walking around in a constant state of fast because we are taking in too many calories with far too few nutrients. That's right. We're taking in too much fat, sugar, salt and genetically modified, irradiated foods filled with artificial everything. In other words, much of our food supply is polluted and toxic to the body.  The "foods" that are sold in stores just aren't nourishing the body and are actually doing the opposite.


And that's why I am here: to share with you a solution; to show you a way to  undo what we've done to ourselves; to share a golden pathway that helps the human body get into a new baseline state. And what if I told you this is also the pathway to introduce your body to non-GMO and certified organic foods while allowing you to take in less calories and more nutrition... would you want to learn more?  Is your hand up? ... Well, what if I told you there is a simple, super-easy program that does it in just 10 days and puts you on a pathway for a whole new way of living / looking / feeling / being? And would it be better knowing it's about the same cost as you are already spending on food? In fact, if you add up what you spend on a daily basis and compare it to what you will be spending here, you will mostly likely find that you are spending much more on your own. Flip to this 10 day experience, where, for only about $20 a day you will get all the food you need for the entire day, aside for some fresh organic fruits and veggies, which means you are not even spending what you normally would on groceries .... In other words, this is a decision based on food, not budget.  I did it. And I followed a specific plan to help my body rid itself of cravings and food addictions.  When you do this too you will have an overall cleanse within body and for the organs right down to the cellular level.  You will be able to reset your metabolism and return your body to a base state.  And in the process, those who need it, can expect to shed anywhere from 5-20+ pounds of fat as a way to release stored toxins, impurities and the heavily processed non-food foods your body has had to deal with all these years. During the 10 days you will also get tons of support from text messages to phone calls, from emails to online communities all there to answer your questions and support you on your own bodyproud journey. There is even a Doctor of Naturopathy on call for you.  You even get your own personal accountability partner and coach. Hand still up? Cool!


When I did the program for the first time I shed 13.5 pounds and 6 inches off my body, and I kept on going cause the 10 days is just that, 10 days. That's the beginning, the "orientation", for your body. Once I experienced the new mental clarity, the increased energy levels, the feelings of feeling better than I did before (who even knew that was possible?!) I just wanted to hold onto it! And to top it all off, there is a 60 day money back guarantee!


Now if you are a bit skeptical that's fine. So was I. My background is in the fitness industry. In fact me and my wife, Mindy, were amongst a small group who helped pioneer the direction and growth of the natural bodybuilding industry and fitness model search events. We produced expos, event tours, TV shows, magazines and impacted millions of people around the world by providing them pathways and platforms to showcase their transformations. So I have been around and have seen, experienced, learned about, and tested a lot of products and programs. And yet the whole notion of nutrient density was foreign, even to me.  It wasn't talked about in the bodybuilding and fitness world, imagine that! So I had to learn more myself.  I had to experiment.  So .. I opted to experience my own 10 Day Transformation following nutrient-density and it worked. Mindy did it. My friends and family did it. I introduced it to people with all types of backgrounds from stay-at-home moms to athletes, from personal trainers to wellness professionals, from bodybuilders to fitness models... and it works every time! What's cool is each person has their own transformation based on what their body needs, with milestones and triumphs unique to them.  I also got to go down to the manufacturing facility and see their process and was impressed with their extensive quality control. I got to spend private time with one of the founders, Dave Sandoval, at his personal retreat in California. And the company even invited me and Mindy to be amongst a group of only 10 people on its Advisory Board. That means we get to represent you, the bodyproud community members, and what you want, while having a play in helping the company with its mission to change the way people eat. How awesome is that?!


 I have the belief. I have the conviction. And I have had the experience. With that I know I had to share it.  Imagine if I could have told my dad that all he needed to do was commit to himself for 10 days. Only 10 days. Maybe that would have allowed him to feel better or even stop the chemo treatments that was causing so many side effects. And if he didn't like it...well, then he would have gotten his money back! Nothing lost, only gains possible. You see, cancer cells and other dis-eased cells can not survive in an alkaline state and eating organic, green food guides your body into that healthy state.


If he knew what I now know,  I think he would have changed his ways and at least chosen to experience what the 10 days is all about. 
If only I had learned about this earlier,  my life would have been very different and I'd likely still have my dad around.  And now that it's too late for me, and too late for him, I feel compelled to share with others. So with knowledge came awareness, and that led to only one possible scenario, to tell everyone I know while they still have time to make a difference in their health.

That is why I am promoting the BodyProud Challenge. In fact, my company, the BodyProud Network, has a mission is to inspire 100 million to be bodyproud: to love how they look, love how they feel and love what their body can do. And I believe it all stems from a building up of the body from the inside out. So, ready to put your hand up again?


Raise it if you are ready to learn more and take the next step! OK, good. So go to www.bodyproudchallenge.com Once there you will see a box where you can put in a gift code and you will save $50 off the transformation program (or you can opt to use to purchase any of the organic products sold in the online superstore).

To access your gift, use the code: bodyproud .... my thank-you gift to you!

There are also so many others who have joined me in spreading the message and if they are the ones who shared this info with you then connect back with them as they have their own $50 thank-you gift to give you! When you use their code it helps them get closer to reaching their goals too!

I actively want to do my part, and share this message -- this gift -- with the hopes that it has inspired you to experience what bodyproud means to you and your body stemming from your 10 days.  Myself... I feel as though I aged younger. I am 45 years young and feel like I am still in my twenties! (I am actually writing this at 3:58am!)
So... in conclusion. Who here is inspired to take that next step? Who here is inspired to make this good4me decision and gift their body and their mind? When NOW is the time?  #bodyproud #startswithME

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Comment by Jeffrey Kippel: Co-Founder on July 8, 2014 at 6:51pm

Thanks for clicking through to read my blog. I hope it has inspired you in some way. So now I am asking you do focus on YOU. Take action. Experience what it like, it is only a win-win! If you don't get the results you are seeking you can get the 60 day money back guarantee .... and imagine if this is the thing that changes your life! In only 10 days!


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