Happy To A Share High-Absorption Protein That Tastes Great!

Hope you your month is off to a good start.

It's a good feeling, isn't it? Being in

great shape, feeling good and embracing

each day and the joys it brings...

   A big part of that is the healthy nutrition

we all share, each of us knowing how important 

that is to our staying fit. And while our

community is involved in all aspects of the

fitness world, there's one basic we all use

every day - high-quality protein!

   And now you can get first-rate protein for

less and have it brought right to your door: 


   Whether you're looking to add lean mass,

shed a few pounds, shave a few seconds off 

your best time or simply stay in top shape,

protein is vital to your success. And there's

only one brand good enough to be endorsed by

the FAME World Tour,  BodyBreak's own 

Hal & Joanne,  BodyProud.org

and the World Natural Sports Organization 

(WNSO) and Bodybuilding legend, Ian Walling... 

Both because of the strict adherence 

to quality and because of the well-deserved 

reputation of the company behind it.

   And now you never need to run out of

protein and have to rush out to get more,

since you can have it shipped to your door

on a standing order using plastic or PayPal.

Take a look at why we like it so much that

we use it exclusively ourselves:


   Look after YOU and use this great resource

to help you stay BodyProud year-round!

To your success,

Jeff & Mindy 

Twitter: @IAmBodyProud  

647-995-3263 //  877-969-3263  




PS - Here's a power tip for you...


Set up a profile for yourself at 

http://www.c-be.com/ts/ts.php - not only

do you get access to a complete meal

planner with recipes and over 1,000 

exercises, but you also get the great 

tasting protein we're taking about for

ten or fifteen per cent less... 

Love looking out for ya! ;-) So set

up your profile, get your protein on

order & have a super, fit day!


Until next time, be well, love life and live BodyProud!  

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