Been there. Done that. Ready to do it again!

The FAME World Tour is on its way back, baby! New shows, new alliances, new formats, including events hosted by other organizations and promoters...  AND a Title Sponsor who supports our BodyProud Social Initiative!

In fact, Truestar Health Network is providing the tools and resources -- with zero outlay --  to empower individuals of all ages and levels, to create themselves BodyProud, and lead lives full of confidence, love of self, joy, health, and wealth. 

It's a perfect fit all around:  FAME provides the motivation and the platform; Truestar Health Network provides the guidance and products;  and individual people provide commitment-to-self.

In support of our mission, 20% or more of all online Truestar product sales is going right back into supporting the BodyProud social initiative.   Since Truestar Health Network features the very best multi-vitamins in North America -- they actually won the Gold Award of Excellence -- we are thrilled people can support our initiative simply by giving goodness to themselves.

To determine which vitamins or supplements are beneficial to help you achieve your specific goals, visit our  Truestar Wellness Portal.  Once there, click "vitamins" and select to create your own "health profile".  These health profiles are actual assessments from Truestar's team of naturopathic doctors and medical professionals.  In under 10 minutes you are shown which products are recommended for you... and why.   How cool is that?!  When you choose to buy, products are shipped direct to your home, and can be renewed for automatic monthly shipments so that you always have your supplements on hand. Our philosophy is similar to Truestar's "if you're going to use vitamins, you may as well use the best".  If you want to nourish your organs, gain energy, shed some pounds, build muscle, shape your body, or feel better, it only makes sense to use products that can do what they say they are for.

Our Truestar Wellness Portal is free for each of you to use.  This $30 Million wellness portal assesses your dietary preferences, health conditions, favorite foods, passions, and talents so as to present to you programs that work.  So go ahead and get a meal plan that is customized for you, an exercise program tailored to your needs, and subscribe to the complimentary assistance to help you relax, prioritize and achieve your dreams.

For those who are committed to the products, there's a way we can help you save  up to 40% on your purchases.  Please ask us.

We are EXCITED... More details coming soon!

Lots of love,

Jeff & Mindy


Yellow Stripes

P.S. If you feel drawn towards our initiative and would like to join us in empowering people to love the life they live,  please reach out.   We are looking for leaders who would like to host their own 90 Days to BodyProud events:  Social Gatherings, Bootcamps, Showcases, and/or Challenges.  You too would get products from Truestar to support your endeavours and event.   


This opportunity is perfect for those of you who already promote events, as well as those of you who have participated in events, and/or have a passion for the fitness industry.  We're here to hold your hand, guide you along the way, help you build your brand, and support you through our properties, including within the FAME World Tour and BodyProud Community.     




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