Hello Everyone!  :)

I realize it has been way too long since my last entry.  I have been going through many emotional, mental, and spiritual phases which have not been very easy on me at all.  It is personal to me, but I will say I've gone through many ups and downs, depression and self doubt.  I've been doing so much soul searching and still have much to do.  But I think I'm on the right track.  :)

Physically I'm still improving!  I'm still not my normal self and have a long way to go to be that, but I'm progressing quite well.  Oct. 15/11 my husband and I went to a friends wedding.  I ate properly and handled the cutlery with easy and grace during dinner, no one suspected a thing. I even spent the night out on the dance floor with my husband, and we danced the night away, I slipped with my balance a few times but over all I did really well!!!  I was really impressed with myself.

My speed is picking up in my steps when walking, I'm not stuck with baby steps anymore!  LOL  I still feel my right side is heavy and makes louder steps, and my right knee is turning in to much when I step, sometime hitting my left leg on its way down to meet the ground in each step, But I hope with more practice I will walk normal again.

My right arm is still heavy and stiff with all movements.  I've been doing a little ballet type arm movements to try to improve this, it is a slow progress.  My hand writing has gotten a bit faster, and a little clearer.  It takes me roughly an hour to fill one side of a lined piece of paper, so still quite slow, but again that it a lot faster than I was doing.  It was taking me 15 minutes just to write 2-3 sentences in September.  However my legibility since September has not improved, just my speed. My typing has improved slightly, I'm able to use my index and my middle finger slowly with my right hand while typing now.  Before I could only chicken peck with my index finger , the last time I left a blog.  LOL

BUT the BIGGEST new of all is That I finally went last Wednesday to consult with a heart surgeon for the first time!!!!!!!  YAY!!!! I've been waiting in the dark since JULY not knowing what I can and can't do, because of the holes in my heart!!  It has been a real stress, not too mention the fear I've had about doing exercise, I was told in the hospital back in the first week of Aug. I could not raise my heart rate to high and so I've been to afraid to exercise and I've lost most of the muscle I had LOL!

Anyway the surgeon said to me "you have a very IMPRESSIVE anerism in your heart"  I think that was his way of putting it lightly!  LOL  But he is eager to rush me though, and had wanted to fit me in last Friday (which was 2 days later) for a heart procedure, but they couldn't fit me in until the the next Friday.  SO I GO TOMORROW Dec. 9, 2011 FOR MY HEART PROCEDURE!!!!  I CAN HARDLY BELIEVE IT!  I'M PRETTY EXCITED!  Probably not something most people are excited about considering it is my heart they will be working on...but finally I feel we are getting somewhere!!!!  So the next time I report in I'll have a patched up heart and I'll be ready to be myself again!!!  :)

Thank to everyone who has been supportive to me!!  I'm grateful to you all!!!

Love you!


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Comment by Maria Sheppard-Thompson on December 8, 2011 at 1:08pm
Thanks Jeff!!! :)
Comment by Jeffrey Kippel: Co-Founder on December 8, 2011 at 1:02pm

Great news Maria! Our thoughts are with you. Excited to hear your next update!


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