Today I'm moving around a lot better than I was.  I'm still just around the house mostly.  I've been out for small trips, went to church on Sunday, drove my daughter to her dance class yesterday, went to the store for a few things (which nearly killed me!  LOL...). My growing still hurts on both sides but has gotten so much better, there were huge bruises around both sides of my growing area, but they are fading now. My chest feels okay, there was a heaviness at first, and each time I took a deep breath I could feel the device in my heart, like when you have a cold and you breath in you feel a heaviness and wheezy feeling in your lungs, well it was feeling like that in my heart.  That feeling has gone now, I feel fine when I breath deep now.  :) So over all I feel okay, just get tired quickly, and feel low on energy.

December 9, 2011:
I came out of my heart procedure okay. It was an all day wait when I got there. I got there that morning at 9:30 am, my procedure was scheduled for 2:30pm, but I didn't get taken into the surgery room until 5pm, and didn't get out of the surgery room until 7pm. I had been fasting all day so I was pretty hungry by then LOL.  There were a few bumps in the road, the procedure was supposed to only take 30-45 min., but I was in there for almost 2 hrs. I was only supposed to get 1 incision, on the right growing, but they ended up having to go up both the left and the right side, so I have 2 incisions.
They were trying to close both holes, but they tried and tried to get the second one through the left side and just couldn't get the right angle to safely insert a closure device.  They were frustrated and I could hear them discussing their struggles, they had tried one tool (up there in my heart) first but couldn't get the device safely in the hole, so they took it out and inserted a second tool but it wasn't working either, the assistant surgeon was asking if they could try "this other way" (I can
't remember the technical terms), but the main Surgeon said it would raise my risk up to 25%... I was awake for the whole procedure so I could feel and hear everything (I heard them talking, they weren't talking to me directly).  I could feel both catheter go in and feel them being guided and rotated and pushed on the way up to the heart and then moving around inside my heart.  It hurt a bit, especially the left side when the catheter was going in.  When the second tool was in my heart on the left side I was getting an uncomfortable tightness up my neck and into my jar, I was starting to get scared, and prayed the whole time...anyway...So I only have one hole closed, but it is the main (biggest) hole. The Dr. told me it was a big hole, 15mm in diameter, and that he had to use the biggest commercially available device to close it.  Kinda scary... :(
The second hole is a small hole so hopefully it never causes a problem. The Doctor used a less than reassuring tone when he said that the small hole remains open and he "thinks" it won't cause a problem...
I've been taking it easy the last week and a half. I spent the whole day after the procedure in bed, only half of the next day, and the 3rd day I've was able to go down stairs to the main level of the house and do some light stuff...but mostly I've been on the couch with my legs up and I've been reading.  I only have pain in both incision sights, which are in my growing so it made it a bit hard to walk, especially the first few days afterward, and I have to avoid stairs and any lifting. But my chest feels okay.
I can start to exercise again slowly after 3 weeks!!! Not bad Huh?! :)
I go back to Toronto General Hospital in 3 months to get the device checked to make sure it is still in right position and is working successfully etc.

I plan to be back to normal in no time!!!!! :)

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Comment by Buffedstuff on December 21, 2011 at 5:23pm

You are in my prayers, may you have a full recovery.


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