Day - 2 reflexion time before the big day

Day - 2 reflexion time before the big day

Reflexion time before the big day...

What has my progress been like these last few weeks ?

my results these last few weeks have been amazing! very fast progress

I am

the reason behind is simple: I have been taking my challenge therefore my training/dieting much more seriously and therefore have been much more strict these last few weeks.

No more cheating ...I was counting the days down to my first competition ...only 2 days left!!!

It is amazing how my body responses well to healthy eating and excercise=> it works! and if it did not so far the answer is that I was not doing it 100%

How do I feel?

Physically I feel great ! I feel full of energy. The more I do, the more I want to do. I don't feel tired all the time like I used to before.

I feel in control of my eating: I know what is good for my body and I don't hesitate anymore going for the healthy choices. I accepted that in order to have a beautiful, healthy, flexible, strong body I must give it the right food. I also have an eating routine which is very important for me. I find having this routine helps me stay in control. Preparing my food in the morning for lunch and my dinner and packing my pre and post workout snacks for the day. Preparation is really key! i have experienced it and confirm this. The weeks I have lost the more body fat are the weeks i have cooked ALL my meals from scratch ingredients at home and keeping everything simple. it does work trust me. a whole range of green steamed vegetables, lean meat, seafood or fish, good oils and supplements such as magnesium, zinc has been my diet these last few weeks.

How did I start?

Having a personal coach helping me out with my eating and exercise plan at the beginning really helped me. i don't think i would have had the same results without it. It gave me a structure to train with. I have learn so much through this experience thanks to Dominik and Jon my ex coaches. I learnt new things about my posture, my breathing, other ways of coping with everyday stress, natural supplements, the importance of rest. So for all this and for listening to me when i needed to talk I thank you both Dominik and Jon :)

Do i still crave "bad food":

it's a bit like stopping smoking (I am an ex-smoker over 15 years ago).

I sometimes crave unhealthy foods out of no where...and this is when i have to be strong and this is when I usually have the following conversation in my head: "Ariane you know this is not good food for your body, you know that your body is going to suffer from you having this, you know that you are going to have to work even harder because of this, you know that in the end anyway it will not taste as good as you think it might" because most of the times, if I do give in I get disappointed because it does not taste as delicious as I imagined it did.

Surprisingly I now crave for bright, colourful fresh salad or lean grilled meat or fresh fish...this now puts water to my mouth! Nothing too complicated, just nice simple food.

Clearing my eating was my biggest challenge. I was really addicted to sugar. Now I rarely crave sweet things, i get the odd chocolate craving that's when I indulge with reason (few squares only) to black organic fair trade 70% (or more) coco chocolate.

am I stopping my training/ healthy after Fame UK bikini?

The short answer is : no

I am taking a weekend break and i am starting again with a new goal

I am now addicted to it!

Addicted to feeling GREAT

Addicted to seeing my body change

Addicted to getting told how healthy I look

to our success

Ariane x

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