Many bodybuilders view their body as art. They sculpt it, shape it, define it, and perfect its lines & symmetry. They become an artist to their own physique.  They adopt healthy eating patterns and training programs. They create themselves BodyProud.

Impressive.  Even more impressive? By choosing to take action, we can all build our body according to our goals and heart's desire. We are all in fact "body" "builders" if we choose to be. We can all be BodyProud.

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GaryWe are excited to share with you our new In The Spotlight section of our newsletter.  This is a Q & A format where people who have inspired us share an introspective look back at their journey, and reveal their AHA's, tricks and tips. Our hope is that their success helps you with yours.

Leading off this Q & A series is the founder of Dealfind, Mr. Gary Lipovetsky!

"Dedication and an Entrepreneurial Spirit Helped Gary Lipovetsky Become a Self-Made Millionaire... and One of Canada's Most Talked About Business Success Stories"  Read article....


This week's product feature is TruePower by Truestar!
TruePOWER contains a performance specific blend of high quality whey protein isolates and concentrate, high glycemic index carbohydrates (maltodextrin), and a rich supply of micronutrients that focus on the antioxidant factors needed to defend the athletes and fitness enthusiasts from the damaging effects of exercise. The formula also contains an acid buffering system to mitigate the destructive effects of acids formed during training.
Truestar Product Info: TruePower

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In support of our mission, 20% of the product salesis going right back into supporting the BodyProud social initiative.   Since Truestar Health Network features the very best supplements in North America -- they actually won the Gold Award of Excellence -- we are thrilled people can support our initiative simply by nourishing their body well.   





Do you live in the Vancouver area?

Are you ready to take the BodyProud Challenge?

Well then you are in luck! FAME Superstar Tina Darbyshire is presenting the I Am BodyProudWellness Clinic on May 16th.   

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Remember to choose what you eat, say, do thoughtfully... You are the masterpiece of your creation! 


Until next time.. Keep smiling! 


Lots of love,


Jeff & Mindy



Yellow Stripes  






P.S. If you feel drawn towards our initiative and would like to join us in empowering people to love the life they live, please reach out.   We are recruiting BodyProud Ambassadors and leaders to be part of our team! 



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