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Friday the 3rd of July- whole body quickie

I arrived 720 am and went to work on my muscles.

I felt quite "unbuff", I had my last gym workout last Saturday. And I failed to do any running nor lifting weights Mon to Thur.

I decided to do this today:

1. treadmill : brisk walking for 5 minutes

2. Chest incline BB- (both) 20,20,20

3. Machine PLATE chest press-(both) 60

4. Hammer curl (DB both)- 20

5. Leg press machine - 50-60

6. reverse Lat pulldown - 45-50

That would have to do for the… Continue

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Fitness equipment

I used to be an advocate of no equipment exercise. Yeah, of course, I thought all I gotta do is do pushups, and swim, and Ill be fine.

Apparently, that was before I saw infomercials and ventured inside a sports equipment house.

I was floored! There was like a hundred and one things I can burn my money on for keeping my body fit. And for a while, I watched more ads than an actual tv show, those that claim to burn my abs by rockin it and swinging it, with the Ab Roller, Ab swing and… Continue

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Three day workout June 24,23,22 + a Friday June 19

For the first three days of the week, I was a fit and go guy.

I did whole body workouts and threw in 7 minute treadmill runs to complement my weights training.


I had done various workouts already on my chest, each day in fact included pumping my chest and I can feel some muscle development on the upper pecs. My frustration is not getting the midline divide, deeply furrowed. I can blame it on genetics, but the answer is wrong. I increase my chest mass to make the furrow… Continue

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Gym pet peeves

I have been a happy gym visitor and actively use weights and machines as I like. Yet there are certain things gyms are in need of addressing, so that its clients won't complain and get turned off.

I mean it's funny, how come there are so many good things advertised about the gym, but when you get inside and use their facilities, they fall short of expectations?

here are some of them: (my context now is with FF)

1. Questionable hygiene of showers- Get this, you are dog tired,… Continue

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A post on Circuit training

I reposted this from an egroup, and it is personally what I wish to always follow, for maximal muscle pump and maximal gym time:

It is said that Cardio makes you lose muscle, sad as it is, it is true and scientifically proven, what happens is that muscle proteins are broken down and used for energy during aerobic exercise, but the thing is that you are constantly breaking down and re-building muscle tissue as you do your cardio workout, this process is called "protein turnover"… Continue

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My workout at Fitness ABS Last June 7-8

I started my workout in ABS last Sunday at around 415 pm. I hadn’t been able to visit any FF gym since the past Sunday.

I hate the fact that I feel loopy, So what I did was, instead of heading for the cardio machine, I went straight for this routine:

1. DB chest press : 25-35-45

2. BB rows- 40

3. bench leg raises – 2 sets

4. bench upright crunch – 2 sets

5. lying mat leg raises with swiss ball – 2 sets

5. low row- 25

6. cable chest press (combined)-… Continue

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My archives of working out in 2006, 2007 part 1

Flight routines:

I have been working out since 1999, in my college days, and I have been instructed by by instructors and in fitness manuals: Always keep a record of what you did, and to keep track of my progress.

I have always kept a record in my head, writing it down is a different story, no matter how studiously I engrave my routines on paper, i dont end up using it at the gym. I mean like, I can see a few people lugging around a small notebook, a pen and scribbling what they… Continue

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How I started working out

When I started in 1999, I was in a fitness gym called Milestone, that was located in a small hotel along Banawe street. I mainly worked out on free weights, that’s dumbbells and barbells, as well as some basic machines.

The one thing I like from my stay here is that, it has a fitness instructor around. I can rely on the advice of this guy who was there, and can help me huff and puff my weights up.

What I don’t like though, is that , it is not located in a place where… Continue

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