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Mindy Blackstien: Crowd Leader's Blog

How Changing My Body Changed My Mind...and Helped Me Experience Myself "BodyPROUD!"

Posted on February 11, 2014 at 3:00pm 0 Comments

- - - - - - 

I was interviewed as the Health and Fitness Feature for Ivillage.ca. Here are my responses or visit their site view the article…


Traveling… What to do?

Posted on May 3, 2013 at 9:56am 0 Comments

Like Daniel said the best thing you can do is make good decisions. So, that didn’t really happen for me last night. However, I am of the mindset that having a fun-anything-goes day is a good way to kick start your metabolism and motivation. So I went all out last night, out of my norm, and had yummy pancakes with syrup. Staying TRUE still to Truestar’s balanced meal plan, I also had 3 eggs (2 yolks)

Fast forward to today, I did my morning meditation, and made sure to do walking lunges…


Working out at 11:11

Posted on May 1, 2013 at 11:09pm 0 Comments

We’ve had 2 days of amazing warm weather here.  Nature came alive!  Who wants to stay inside to work out when that happens?

Well, not me.  Sure, I did my cardio and took the boys for a nice walk, but how do I get myself motivated to actually train?

Oh, I know. Realize that it’s time to update my blog and post my activity for the day.  Hmmm.  Time is now 11:-09PM.  Guess it’s time to work out… 11:11 start.  Here I go!!…


The Fitness Model in Me

Posted on April 28, 2013 at 1:55am 0 Comments

OK, so I am not a competitive Fitness Model, however, I did go to a Fitness Model Search competition today.

I was asked by Dave and Julie Avery, the producers, to be part of a Guinness World Record attempt!!  I was really excited even though if the attempt didn’t go right, I may have been crushed…!!!! (DOH!)   Needless to say, I got there (in time), only to find out I was nixed!!  Turns out I don’t weigh enough!.  Even if I weighed the extra 3 lbs I already lost doing this challenge,…


#bodyPROUD #startswithME #whenIchoose2b

Profile Information

My "Proud ME" Story:

My life journey led me down the road of producing physique competitions around the world. I loved providing people a platform, incentive and reason to take charge of their health and fitness. I loved that through the process people gained a new sense of belief-in-Self, overcame obstacles, improved their health, became more physically-able and developed a passion for fitness. I loved that the events I was producing was what was empowering people to love their body, grow in confidence, and naturally aspire to inspire others. Along with the good came the not-so-good: aspects I didn't love, or even like; voids and elements that needed course correcting. Being a competition means I couldn't award everyone a first place prize. It didn't matter how successfully they beat the odds, how far they'd come, or how much dedication and self-care they put into their own body. In my heart I wanted each of them to embrace the spotlight and continue to celebrate their new superhero-body no matter the final judge results.

By 2007 it was time to make a change, time to infuse love into the industry, and give back to the athletes in a better way than before, helping them to MASTER their own EMPOWERMENT and by doing so gain even more notoriety, fame and fortune by naturally inspiring others to focus on their personal growth as well. Jeff and I reflected on all this: the elements we loved, what didn't feel right, and what we desired to occur instead. As a result, we aligned with other like-minded people and formulated a program / concept / pathway and platform to fill transform what is into something even more GREAT: transforming the industry; helping athletes empower themselves and inspire others; helping organizations, promoters and trainers build their brand and their income; empowering, educating and rewarding individuals (from one-time coach potatoes, to fulltime moms, to wellness professionals, to elite athletes) to become bodyproud in ways that is meaningful to them; and ultimately pave a pathway for each of these individuals to be recognized as role models of personal excellence, gifting them with the elements, exposure, recognition and rewards they require to be able to inspire / empower others part /Full time! Fast forward to 2014… and we are golden. Synchronicity at its finest. Seems the right people, places and things are still lining up perfectly, exactly as we "secreted".
I am very excited for the full-scale launch of the BodyProud Crowd Transformation, the Superhero Program and BodyPROUD Ambassadorship system and more. Together we can change the planet... and for each of us it starts with one person: your "ME" and my "ME. Together we become powerful, a crowd, who can inspire his "ME", her "ME" and their "ME". How cool is that!?!
Professional Background:
FAME Media Group Inc.
Brand Strategy Firm for the Fitness & Wellness Industry. Co-Founder
BodyProud Social Initiative Empowering people with pathways and platforms to be BodyProud, MindProud and MoneyProud. Co-Founder
FAME World Tour Events for BodyProud individuals to pose their body as art, and shine on stage as athletes and entertainers Co-Founder
FAME: Fitness And Model Expo Convention featuring fitness, athletes, muscles, entertainment and scouts Co-Founder
BodyProud Showcase Parties & Events
Platform for individuals and athletes to celebrate their triumphs and share their AHAs and life lessons

WNSO: World Natural Sports Organization
International regulatory body for drug-free athletic physique events

What Made Me "ME"
It seems Mindy’s life challenges, pathways and choices were necessary to prepare her for her role in the wellness and event industry. Her appreciation of the human body led to many jobs within the health field. She worked as a lifeguard; aerobics, step, and spin instructor; personal trainer; nutritionist; and swim teacher. She was often at The Hospital for Sick Children and Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital where she volunteered to spend time with those facing life threatening illnesses and/or mental and physical challenges. This was something she loved, and her spirits became uplifted when she sensed the same within the children.

An entrepreneur by nature, as a teenager she turned her love of wrestling into her first business venture, starting official fan clubs for the WWF’s Outback Jack and Bret “the Hitman” Hart. She later earned a BA in Psychology, an Honors B.Sc in Human Ecology, was on many social event planning committees, and became certified as a Holistic Nutritionist. She devours books on personal growth, communication patterns, energetic healing, natural nutrition, and the powers we all possess.

Following university, intuition guided her to Jeffrey Kippel to form a strategic alliance between her business, BEneFIT!, and his training company Body Basics. Upon meeting, however, she became inspired by his true passion: providing a platform for naturally trained individuals via bodybuilding (as in "building your body") and obstacle athletic events. From that moment on, she “had a knowing” that this was what she was destined to do.

Within a week of that chance meeting, her life pathway changed. Her priority was to join Jeff in bringing his vision to fruition. His passion ignited her passion, her passion further ignited his passion, and together (almost immediately) they ignited another passion: each other. They were married in 2000.

Jeff and Mindy, nicknamed "Freedagh / Freida" -- pronounced the exact same way -- developed the World Natural Sports Organization (WNSO), the Drug Free Sports Association (DFSA), the FAME World Tour, FAME: Fitness And Model Expo, FAME Media Group, FAME Magazine, the Body Proud Challenge, the Grand National Obstacle Challenge, the Winter Freeze, TSN's (ESPN) highest rated non-live sporting events, as well as the bodyPROUD philosophy and social networking community. In the process, Mindy became a true visionary, and, out of necessity developed self-taught skills to work as a graphic artist, website designer, writer, editor, public relations assistant, seminar leader, fitness model, presenter, photographer, entrepreneur, and researcher.

Upon reflection many years later, Mindy came to discover the "cool-incidences" that prepared her for this journey: Her appreciation for the physique came in the form of wrestling; her interest in body,mind, heart, spirit was fuelled by her formal education; her athletic nature sparked interest in athletic events; and her joy of helping and empowering others was evident through out her life.

Everything that has happened to me in my life, all decisions I have made, all situations I have encountered, my family, my friends, my past friends who I am no longer in touch with... Why? Because they have all taught me lessons that led me to be the me who I am today.

Along the way I have had many learning experiences, many road bumps, many decisions I wish I had made otherwise. However, had any one of those things changed, perhaps my life would be different right now.

My Body Proud Moments

Experience, Awareness, or Life Lesson that Enriched ME:
I would love if someone wanted to post a video or host a Skype session to help me learn the splits, and how to do all the yoga postures PERFECTLY.

I also want to learn how to sing. Never done it in a crowd. Not sure how my voice is, but sure seems like a lot of FUN!
Stretching My Comfort Zone

Dare myself at each occasion where I notice I am lacking confidence or feeling "less than". In those moments I dare myself to step up to my own plate, do it anyways, and in essence, become my own Superhero / Superstar ? Angelic Goddess :)

Already I am doing this in many areas of my life. Have grown soooo much.

Talents I Wish to Hone.

1. From super shy to confident... "I AM BodyPROUD!"

2. From hiding behind baggy clothes to confident... "I AM bodyPROUD!"

3. From never looking in the mirror to now liking what I see AND smiling back... "I AM bodyPROUD!"

4. From unhealthy eating patterns to eating what my body craves (whole foods free of preservatives and artificial ingredients) and what I enjoy (with no limits and a focus on health) ... "I AM bodyPROUD!"

5. From being angry and reactive to being calm and handling obstacles as challenges that are meant to be overcome... "I AM bodyPROUD!"

6. From not even realizing I should love myself to loving myself.. "I AM bodyPROUD!"

7. From not feeling worthy to recognizing that we are all worthy... "I AM bodyPROUD!"

8. From acting based on how I felt others expected me to act, to now acting how I feel... "I AM bodyPROUD!"

9. From being a slave to my ego mind to being able to detect my intuition AND follow its lead... "I AM bodyPROUD!"

10. From caring what other people think to caring what I think.. ."I AM BodyPROUD!"

11. From never wanting to make a decision to accepting the challenge to always make a decision... "I AM BodyPROUD!"

.... And there are more #howcoolisthat #change #startswithME #makingthedecision #takingaction #bodyproud
My Passion Project:
Financially rewarding and celebrating athletes, trainers, businesses, and bodyproud individuals and empowering them with tools, resources, education, mentorship and guidance to pass it on and empower parents, children, and mainstream society.
My Philosophy / Message / Wisdom:
* Everyone can be - and should be - Body PROUD! It starts in the mind, and is felt from the heart. It's a choice, a decision, and a lifetime adventure

* We only have one body so 'own it' and make it sensational. Ensure that it fulfills our basic needs: self love, positive self image, physical abilities, and health

* The "Body" is truly magnificent. It is the foundation for our health and confidence. Treating the body well, and respecting it as a gift we cherish allows us to develop its strength, flexibility, shape, and cardiovascular endurance

* Simply by developing our posture, and sculpting our physique, we develop confidence. Confidence is key to happiness, enjoyment of life, and self love.

* We attract our situations. Paying attention to how we think, how we speak, what we say, our choice of words, and our self talk is of utmost benefit for our happiness.

* To me, it's obvious that by simply deciding to be bodyPROUD we can enhance our daily lives. Doing so influences our choices and actions. Taking action, and making bodyPROUD choices, leads to changes: Changes that are life enhancing and beneficial for us, our friends, and our family. When we are happy and fit, the energy we exude is uplifting and inspiring. In fact, I believe it's our duty, as people, to be bodyPROUD specifically to influence the world's children to also be proud of their body.

First Step: Become AWARE that you too can be Body Proud. Second Step: Visualize your desired Body Proud physique that's right for you. Third Step: Want It (Set the Intention) Fourth Step: Go for it!! (Take Action) Fifth Step: Achieve & Maintain it!!

I committed to LOVE Myself, Love Others, Share My Love, Receive Love (let love in), LIVE ALIVE, Love from my Heart.

Recognize that being BodyPROUD is a good thing... Think about what it would mean to you. For me, it means feeling pride in appearance, exuding confidence in how we present ourselves, enjoying the way clothes hang off our body, and loving who we are. Being bodyPROUD is also something that we can all be. All of us. As SOON as we make the choice, spark our internal desire, and take action with subsequent decisions, we are BodyPROUD!

I suggest asking yourself this: If I could look however I want to look, and feel how I would most like to feel, what would that be? Go deep into your heart and imagine it in FULL detail. Look at your posture. Watch yourself move, interact, and present yourself. Think about the thoughts you would have about yourself. Visualize new activities you can enjoy. Feel how all this feels.

Next, bring your mind and your will into this. Set it as your new goal. With that, recognize that everything you pictured is all possible, and BELIEVE IT. After all, once you commit and take appropriate action, change happens. More energy, new strength, an actual appreciation for your body and maintaining its nutrition, better health, the enjoyment of being active, etc are all there for you to embrace.

Remember, it's up to you. If you want to be bodyPROUD, you can be bodyPROUD. It's your choice. You know the benefits. Enjoy the journey and your new life adventure.

Finally, use this Community to track your progress, reach out to others, surpass your milestones, celebrate your triumphs, and inspire others.

My Inspiration:
My biggest Lessons:

1. Focus on my ME!!
ASK FOR WHAT I NEED of My SELF and then of others. Being truthful with myself -- and honoring ME -- makes a huge difference (and allows me to serve and honor you)

2. Choose who I wish to associate with and learn from. Then TAKE ACTION to make it so, and incorporate their lessons.

3. Everything is an ILLUSION - it's something I make up in my own head based on what my mind is telling me. Instead CHALLENGE those thoughts / that perspective and CHOOSE to find the solution / optimal effect possible and guide my words and actions towards that.

4. Tune into my HEART SPACE, meaning think about / do / feel / act in accordance to what FEELS good! $hugedifferenceinmylife

5. APPRECIATE what I have taken for granted - nature, the weather, flowers, stillness, silence, Self-Think Time, others and ME!!

The following people have effected my thoughts / decisions /life in a positive way:
All those who used the FAME Stage for their personal empowerment and as an incentive to experience themselves bodyproud (or bodyproud in new ways.

Plus, the following people are / were mentors / teachers / role models of personal excellence in some way for ME: Jeffrey Kippel // Mark Eisenhart (RIP) // Dave Sandoval // Mandy Forrester // Casey Combden // Lennon Ledbetter // Lesley Green // Amy Huentelman // Carl Hunter // Sri Arathi Ma // Jason Gallant // Lyzabeth Lopez // Ian Walling // Dr. Shelly Persad // My nieces and nephews // Each person in my immediate family

Players I Wish to Associate With and Why:
* People who resonate with the BodyPROUD Initiative and wish to contribute their brilliance / message / product / brand / service to help us empower 100 Million people to love how they look, love how they feel, love what their body can do, and love the thoughts they think.
(profit share venture)
* People who speak their truth and are in integrity with their heart
* People who have consciously decided to follow the Laws of the Universe and create for themselves the life they desire.
* People who wish to dig deep and share their breakthroughs, A-HA's, new awareness and life's lessons.
Look for ME Here:
Twitter: Mindy Blackstien
My GAME Play Strategy:

My code: bodyproud

My crowd name: #teamTrans4ME (trans, as in change for ME!) - it's for everyone who is ready to step up to their own plate and transition to a newer, healthier, happier version of their current ME)


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At 6:54am on September 30, 2015, Stella kwale said…

Good Day,

How is everything with you, I picked interest on you after going through your short profile and deemed it necessary to write you immediately. I have something very vital to disclose to you, but I found it difficult to express myself here, since it's a public site.Could you please get back to me on:( mrsstellakwale588@gmail.com) ) for the full details.

Have a nice day

Thanks God bless.

Mrs Stella.

At 2:38pm on August 01, 2012, Michel Reverte gave Mindy Blackstien: Crowd Leader a gift
At 4:06am on December 7, 2011, Chinga Moalusi said…

You guys have a great and inspiring story!

At 2:46am on December 7, 2011, Martone Fuller said…
The business is progressing as am I. How ar you?
At 10:41pm on May 14, 2011, Eyewu Orugboh said…

Thanks for the add. Hope all is well, keep smiling.

At 3:12pm on May 2, 2011, Amanda Iannelli said…
Hey girl! Sorry this is belated but happy b-day :) Hope it was blessed. Wondering what you think of the Master cleanse before starting a new round of dieting/training? Ive never been one not to eat, so its not going to be easy. Shooting to do at least 3 days min, but maybe 5. let me know ur opinion and thanx!
At 10:59pm on March 20, 2011, david horsak said…
your welcome i hope your birthday was amazing. Whats new with your life :)
At 10:01am on March 17, 2011, Alec W Dewdney said…
Happy Birthday Mindy
At 7:58am on March 17, 2011, closecombat said…

Happy Birthday Mindy..


At 10:57pm on March 16, 2011, david horsak said…
hey mindy happy birthday all the best in health and happiness your amazing person


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