Laura London
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Profile Information

My "Proud ME" Story:
I picked up the book Body for Life after my third child. I had put on a lot of weight and was feeling like a frumpy old mom. I followed the program 100% and had amazing results. I started the program in baggy clothes and T shirts. Slowly they came off and I was proud to show what was underneath. From there I got into Figure competing. About 7 years ago I inured my back and my exercising stopped. I put on weight and was not exercising. I turned 40 and was very unhappy with myself. I had fat where I never had it before, my body was really changing, my hormones were out of control. I was falling apart. I was embarrassed by they way I looked when I had been in such great shape years ago. I decided to make a change. I took out all processed food, cleaned up my diet and went back to the gym. Slowly and carefully I have taken off the weight and am now in the best shape of my life. I never thought it was going to be possible to be in this kind of shape again. I want to help inspire women in their 40's be in the best shape they can be.
My Body Proud Moments
I started this health and fitness journey in my late 30's never having played any sports due to my brothers hemophilia. I decided I was going to transform my body after seeing people in a magazine do the same. I wrote down my goals, joined the gym, and changed my eating habits. With consistency and persistence and a will to not stop I transformed my body. But what I did not know was truly nutrition until I did the 10 Day Transformation and got in shape the natural healthy "Green" way. Before the 10 Day Transformation I was using crazy supplements with toxic ingredients, limiting my food, and was not very happy. I looked great on the outside but after every competition my body would break down due to lack of quality nutrition. The 10 Day Transformation changed all that and I now have a healthy and fit body year round full of energy, muscle and feel amazing!
Experience, Awareness, or Life Lesson that Enriched ME:
Being Body Proud is about hard work, dedication and a drive to be the best you can be. Helping other people with their fitness goals and being a role model for others.
Talents I Wish to Hone.
Print Work
Sept 2012 Planet Muscle Magazine
Oct 2011 Planet Muscle Magazine
Sept 2011 Planet Muscle Magazine
July 2011 Planet Muscle Magazine
April 2011 Planet Muscle Magazine
January 2011 Natural Muscle Magazine
January 2011 Planet Muscle Magazine
October 2010 Planet Muscle Magazine

2013 Fit and Fabulous Mom Contest
2013 Rachel Ray Home Guest Segment
2012 Fit and Fabulous Mom Contest
2012 JNL Fusion Clothing Line Model
2012 Ab Champ Global Infomercial
2011 Balletsthenics Promo Video
2011 JNL Fusion 12 Series Exercise DVD’s Featured Athlete
2011 JNL Fusion Global Infomercial Featured Athlete
2011 Team JNL Elisabetta Rogiani Fitness Wear
2010 Ab Circle Pro National Ad Campaign
2010 trailer
2010 TaJazzled Infomercial
2010 BSN Supplement Video – Jennifer Nicole Lee Get up and Go Series
2010 Over 40 Transformation of the Year –
My Passion Project:
I feel passionate about helping other women and mom's who think that they don't have enough time, are too old, or too out of shape to realize that they can do anything they put their mind to. It's all about making the decision to change and taking small action steps every day to get you to your goals.
Areas I wish to Solve / Resolve / Enrich:
I am a mom of 23 years with three kids, two with special needs all I know is I made that decision to change my life and I have not looked back since. I know that if I can do it you can do it too.
One Thing I Can Do NOW to Change How I Think / Feel / Act:
The only thing that can stop us from achieving our goals is ourself. That little voice inside our heads that tell us we can. Guess what? It's not real! Don't listen to it. Act as if you have already achieved your goals and watch your whole body change.
My Philosophy / Message / Wisdom:
The most important thing I can share with you is that you have all you need inside of you to make any changes health, fitness, work, relationship you just have to decide that is what you want and go for it. Stop starting and stopping and just keep going until you get there. Don't worry about how long it will take. It will take as long as you need and once you are there you will be amazed at what you are capable of accomplishing!
My Inspiration:
A lesson that changed my life having my father and brother die at a very early age. I decided that I wanted to learn all that I could about health and nutrition so that I could help other people live a long and healthy life.

I have met so many inspiring and motivational people on this health and wellness journey it would be hard to pick just one out. They each some to me with a message, it could be a new exercise, a positive mantra, a goal they have met or a story that they share. I truly feel blessed to have them in my life.
Players I Wish to Associate With and Why:
I want to associate with people who are like minded in the health and fitness world. People who have a passion for spreading the ripple effect of healthy eating and exercise. Together we are stronger.

I love meeting new people and learning new ideas, thoughts and ways of being healthy.
Look for ME Here:
Skills I Have:
Persistence Draws Assistance: “I will stay in action until I achieve my goal. As I continue to move forward, I will attract the people and resources that will support me in reaching my goal. Rejection is not personal but is a natural part of the process. I am resilient and will not stop until I reach my goal. I am unstoppable...I refuse to take rejection personally: Some will, Some won’t, So what... Next!” – Cynthia Kersey
Referred by (and why):
Jeff & Mindy Blackstein

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Laura London's Blog

Meet Tony DiLorenzo of Tony is a husband of 14 years and a father of two beauitful children. I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Tony for the Fit Marriage site a few months ago…

Posted on February 8, 2012 at 6:42am 0 Comments

Meet Tony DiLorenzo of

Tony is a husband of 14 years and a father of two beauitful children. I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Tony for the Fit Marriage site a few months ago and now it was my turn to interview Tony.

Listen as he gives some great tips on fitness, family values and time management. Not only is he a "family" man but a cyclist, hiker, trainer, mountain climber and more!



TIME...... We all have the same 24 hours, make them all count....

Posted on February 18, 2011 at 9:43pm 1 Comment

Hi everyone… Wow I just realized I had not written a blog in a few weeks…  I have been super busy with life and getting ready to compete in the “ARNOLD” in March.  This got me to think about what I was going to write about and then it hit me.  TIME and MAKING THE TIME to Exercise.

We are well into our second month of the new year!  Hard to believe already.  You made the decision to get in shape, are you still sticking with it or are you starting to go back to…


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At 1:15pm on February 25, 2011, Kim said…
Hi Laura, you look great. I am 4 months into my transformation and enjoying the journey. I'm just not sure if I'm eating right. What do you eat in a day? I'm 43, by the way, and am so inspired by you!!!!!!!!
At 8:56pm on December 24, 2010, Angel Alberto Garcia said…
Merry Christmas, Laura.
At 1:39pm on October 26, 2010, Angel Alberto Garcia said…
Laura, you have a fantastic have the kind of body everyone wants to have. You are the best looking 43 year old woman I have ever seen!
At 9:41am on October 26, 2010, Keir Moorman said…
What a transformation Laura. I had no idea you were and are 43. Please take a bow and I love those abs. It's your world.
At 8:16pm on July 12, 2010, Kevin Friesen said…
Hey Laura,
Looking forward to seeing you next weekend at the Model Championships in Miami!!! Until then, have a great soon:)
Athlete Liason
FAME World Tour
At 5:57am on June 02, 2010, Michel Reverte gave Laura London a gift
At 12:24am on May 21, 2010, Angel Alberto Garcia said…
You have come a long way.......keep up the good work and have a great weekend.
At 3:46am on May 19, 2010, LisaLee said…
Thanks for getting back to me. I am thinking about it. I'm just not sure of what it all entails and I am trying to find out as much as I can about it. So to actually converse with another woman who has competed would be great. Thanks!
At 10:19pm on May 17, 2010, Never2Fast Photography said…
Thanks Laura! You look gorgeous... If you're ever in my neck of the woods I would love to set-up a shoot with you!
At 10:36am on April 6, 2010, Randy Lemieux said…
Thanks Laura,
I might go to Miami, not sure one step at a time.



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