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My Story: My Triumphs // My Goals // My Dreams // My Why
Family both by blood and by choice are my heart and soul. Interests: Music is my passion, all forms: singing/songwriting, dancing and playing guitar. Anything that has to do with science, world history, quantum physics, downhill skiing (moguls), pranks, personal training and nutrition, pushing myself beyond the limit, helping people reach their goals and adding value to their lives. HOCKEY & UFC-my fave sports to watch, exotic restaraunts- I love good food! Traveling, traveling and traveling; meeting the locals and experiencing the true culture of a foreign place, languages; so far I've taken French, Cantonese & Hieroglyphics. I play most sports, Kung Fu & kick boxing, dog training, consciousness.....I could go on and on with my interests. I am a true Gem-in-I in that fact, Jack-Of-All-Trades, Master of a few. I am curious about life and the people and circumstances that play out each day. I take in as much as I can and don't sweat the small stuff! Even when I don't know what the big picture is I know there is one and I have to trust life enough to take its course. Laughter is the medicine to heal, I laugh as much as I can!
More About My Life Story and What Made Me ME
Trainer: Lori Mork
Personal Trainer: Masood Osgami
Sponsor: Fitness World
My Transformation Experiences: (start point / obstacles / milestones / triumphs)
I have been an active player within the music industry acquiring credits such as songwriter, artist, manager, public relations, artist development and co-producer. Growing up in Fort McMurray, Alberta (now residing in Port Moody, B.C.), I began writing melody lines and lyrics for songs at the age of ten and has recently added guitar to assist my most powerful instrument, my imagination. I have always taken the road less traveled making unconventional choices, which has embedded great integrity, experience and emotion within everything I pursue. Over the last couple of years I have been through more than most, I got divorced, took care of my father when he broke his back , lost my grandmother and most significantly, lost my mother. Two friends of mine kept egging me on to compete in a fitness competition due to my passion for health, fitness and adding value to peoples lives by working in the industry and decided to jump in with two feet! This was one of the best choices I've made in my life. What I've learned is that this choice was a commitment I was making to myself, something I haven't done in a long time. Making this commitment has transformed every area of my life and inspires me to reach my highest potential everyday. And my truest motivation is my mother, who in spirit is with me each day of this journey giving me the inspiration and strength that I need. (Especially when it comes to turning away those cookies, chocolate and burgers! lol)
My BodyProud Challenge Gift Code
My claim to fame was brought about within the music industry: Beginning with the development of the all girl group G-Force, the group I founded and managed, had made me mark in the world of music with achievements such as singing for Jay Leno, appearing on a variety of television programs including E!T.V., Breakfast Television and Online, has had numerous newspaper features and interviews, was a finalist for Canadian Indieweek and performed in Las Vegas.
In becoming the ME i desire to be, I Dare myself to master my empowerment in the following ways AND here is why:
I like to educate, motivate and congratulate! U can think BIG but if you still are acting small, then it's the same as thinkin small. Just go 4 it, you have absolutley nothing to lose and EVERYTHING to gain. When I'm 80 yrs old I wanna look back at my life n say, "yep, if I had it all 2 do over again-I WOULD! Cuz I did do it all-followed my heart, did it w passion+integrity and took the chances I needed to take." I wanna create peace, authentic prosperity n loving relationships for the benefit of myself, my fam and my community. Maybe by me just 'showing up' it will show people how easy it is and that showing up (actions) is 80% of what makes u successful n happy. ALL you have to do is show up...then the rest is easy. You can talk bout what u want but what are you doing to get what you want...Do all you can do and the best u can do each day. Most people regret what they didn't do, not what they did do. And most importantly, love like you've never been hurt.
I Feel Passionate About:
Jericho Green

I got my first gym membership when I was 14 and have always been an extreme athlete playing most sports as well as have a background in dance. I started working at a fitness facility four and a half years ago, begining as an instructor then moving into sales and management. I have recently stepped out of management to pursue personal training and group fitness instructing. I am passionate about being hands on with adding value to peoples lives by educating, motivating and congratulating them!
Type of People I want to Associate With // Learn From and Why:
Personal trainer and group fitness instructor
Lesson That Changed My Life / People who Inspire(d) ME
My Message to You (and all those who relate to ME and my Story)
Having my son, jumping out of an airplane lol, moving to Vancouver on my own with my son when I was 17 and $600.00 in my back pocket, making the switch from management into personal training, making the commitment to myself to compete, buying my first home, receiving the top producer award at work
Referred by:
Lori Mork
Personal Trainer &/or Fitness Professional
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To compete in the March 28th show

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At 9:04am on April 7, 2009, Kevin Friesen said…
Haha...I look forward to the homemade cookies!!!!
At 1:29pm on April 6, 2009, Kevin Friesen said…
Hey how'd the shoot go????
I'm excited to see the new pics!!!
At 1:56pm on March 31, 2009, Kevin Friesen said…
WOW!!!! Congrats Jericho...that is so cool to hear about all the opportunities that came from this show! Have a great time in Vegas, and definitely let me know when you get some pics back...I'd love to see them!!!!
Keep me posted!
Talk soon!
At 1:43am on March 30, 2009, Kevin Friesen said…
SO????? How'd you enjoy the show? ;)
It was great finally meeting you!!!!
At 5:33pm on March 16, 2009, John Morrison said…
Jericho reading your story just drives it home again how blessed those of us are to have closeness with family . We only have one mother and afterall life began with her .
I was moved that reading your fitness journey was for you . Too often I see folks moreoften women loose who they are in a man or a carreer.
An old preacher said to me in Dallas once when we were talking about what makes for a healthy marriage . He said " If mama ain"t happy , Ain"t noboby happy."
Upwards and onwardswe go Lord willing .Cheers !
At 1:58pm on March 15, 2009, Martone Fuller said…
Hello and welcome


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