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My "Proud ME" Story:
Jason John Ferraro AKA Trainer J was born and raised in Pittsburgh,PA in a small Italian town outside the city. He never learned to speak Italian but was yelled at quite a few times for running through the Italian Ladies Gardens in town with his buddies.

Trainer J was introduced to exercise when he was 5 years old when his father purchased a bench press, dumbells and some weights for dad and his buddies to use and boy did they use them. Soon the one part of our home was turned into a fitness center. At 13 after years of sports and martial arts training Trainer J started hitting those wieghts after school. The bus would let a pile of kids off and everyone would hang out at Trainer J's house before everyones parents come home from work. We would spend hours pounding weights, listening to Metallica and Rap, Looking in the mirrors and out benching each other for hours it was so much fun.

Trainer J then read his first book "The Arnold Schwarzenegger Encyclopedia" after this it was on I (Trainer J went out and purchased the Movie Arny made "Pumping Iron" and watched it daily. I collected muscle magazines, had posters on my walls of Lee Haney, Lee Priest, Aronold was always my hero he was nuts but a great business man. At this time I was 15 years of age had the Hottest girl in town, was hanging out with a very cool Italian group that would take me out to the clubs in the city. I was really looking good and men and woman would want to get close to me I was almost pretty many people told me. Pretty boy but Bad Boy Trainer J. I started my career after failed attempts at school I decided to start my first Personal Training Business at 15 years of age. Back then Personal Training wasn't what it is today but I had clients and money and it was great!!!

I decided that every gym member that signed up would work with me and bring a friend which would increase the memberships and my personal training business.

I began working with some of the best membership sales persons in the world, I mean this club looked like the stock exchange on a great day people just buying and selling fitness all day everyday with 9-15 membership sales reps selling all day 7 days a week.

The club was 17,000 square feet and we had 9,000 paying members...Now my mentor and fitness business coach is now a 45 year veteran of marketing health clubs, personal training and fitness businesses of all kinds. He taught me everything and I learned quick.

My Trainer J Personal Training Business was on fire so I invested money into a Window Cleaning Business for some reason. I seen a window cleaner cleaning the gym windows one day and asked him what he made per window he said $1-$5 per window I was down with that after watching him make what I was making. I knew from an early age I would eventually become a millionaire because I have always been in motion with the mind set of a multi-millionaire fitness business coach for personal trainers, boot camp business owners, health clubs and fitness professioanls of all kinds.

After the clubs closed down I was working at, I took sometime to train myself, learning new techniques for my art of training and I was so into it I mean 2 a days was a religious way of me training. I just could not stay out of the gyms and would do anything to get there too.

I began then traveling with the man that owned the health club I started at when I was 15 because he created Sports Club Management Health Clob Consulting...And we were on fire, there were hundreds of clubs in distress and still are today. MY job was to sell that was my only job at first on the road. I spent 13 years on the road mostly in South Florida but up and down the east coast. I would drive at least once a year sometimes twice from Florida to New York to help clubs and everything in between.

Today I own and operate Trainer J's ACCOUNTABLILTY Online and In-Home Training Company. We keep you ACCOUNTABLE for your actions in life, the gym, eating and guarantee you acheive your goals.
What Made Me "ME"
God, My Grandfather,Grandmother,Myself,Jesus,Life Coaches,Pastors and anyone who is willing to go the extra mile to help some in need.

Stop being angry, disappointed humans when we are here to work together to increase the values of each others lives, businesses and money.

Pray for peace and ever lasting life in Heaven and always live bodyPROUD.

Get your BodyPROUD Fitness Boot Camp Location Now
Get your BodyPROUD Personal Training Location Now

Receive Coaching from Trainer J himself and increase the profits of your existing fitness business by ordering Trainer J's Fitness Explosion Dvds,Cds and Books Today.

"Live With Passion and bodyPROUD"
Trainer J Expert Fitness Business Coach
My Body Proud Moments
Change more peoples lives from who they think they are now to who they will creatively be when were done with my "Trainer J's ACCOUNTABILITY Program".

Join now and start living the life that you want.
Control your desires to become the strongest person you know. Will yourself with your coaches to create massive wealth all starting with your health. Whatever you want we are going to achieve together. Life Coach/Trainer/Nutritionist Trainer J

Write or Call for faster results today. 412-818-8033 or 412-408-3335 if no one answers its because were on the line with another ACCOUNTABILITY Client so be patient and we will call you back same day.
Experience, Awareness, or Life Lesson that Enriched ME:
Jason "Trainer J" Ferraro the creator of the
"Trainer J's "ACCOUNTABILITY" Programs" and Systems have been created to keep you on track and acheiving all your health, fitness and lifestyle goals. Whether it be to create better more effective workouts or make more money in 2012 we have created the most cost effective system that has been proven to work time and time again.

*When you see yourself are you looking at the best person you can possibly be?
*When your workingout are your exercises results based and customized to acheive your set forth goals?
*When your shopping for groceries do you chose the foods right for you and your family to live healthy more fit lives?

"Trainer J's ACCOUNTABILITY Program" works for everyone and will work for you. You receive your own life coach, nutritionist, personal trainer and friend to work with you and customize ever aspect of your meals, shopping list, exercise programs, lifestyle while having full contact to your coach in times of crisis the program guarantees you stay on track and never miss out on what life truly hold for you.

Doesn't matter who you are or what your trying to acheive "Trainer J's ACCOUNTABILITY Program" can show you the way guaranteed results or double your investment back.

Become all you can be in life, in the gym, at home, at work, as a parent and see how life can become the most enjoyable part of living again.

With your personal ACCOUNTABILITY coach you will learn the proper techniques in exercising for real results, yu will learn how to stay away from the habits that destroy peoples lives by simply taking action daily to rid yourself of harmful habits, you will have meal plans that are fun and exciting to make and eat all while you'll be receiving more results faster than ever before by staying ACCOUNATBLE for your actions.

The most successful people in the world have people in their lives creating simpler strategies for them to succeed. Our job is to teach the proper ways of healthy living through exercise, nutrition, meal plans and lifestyle changes. You will become a better more energized person with that passion to excel in everyday life. Life will seem to you a magnificent roller coaster ride that you always want to be on when your intact with yourself and your habits.

Bottom line is when you have a life coach and someone to hold you ACCOUNTABLE for your actions you change your life!!!

No one has ever failed this program before and no one will ever fail because this system works. Talking to your own life coach, your own personal trainer, your own nutritionist and becoming well adjusted to health, fitness and nutrition will guarantee you the life you were suppose to be living.

Please take our 1 Week Free Trial.
BodyPROUD ACCOUNTABILITY Program and Systems
"Created For Everyone Searching For Opportunity In Themselves"

Stop guessing your way to greatness and feel great having your own life coach that keeps you ACCOUNATBLE for your actions. Failure is not an option with BodyPROUD ACCOUNTABILITY Programs and Systems. Start Today!

Please share this with friends and family:)
Best Wishes,
Trainer J
Stretching My Comfort Zone
Without being able to know what to do in any given situation the probability of you coming out on top is very slim. Life is education and learning that does not stop after high school or college. Forever we learn that we will someday know what we want, where we want to be and who we want to be.

ACCOUNTABILITY Program 101: Creative strategies of learning are needed to tap into the person you see in your visions, the money you want to have, the people you want to be with, the body you want to live in.

What is it you want first? Is it to learn how to get what you need? Then go for what you really want? You have to do things in a certain way to achieve greatness. Why is it we all have time to do what we want when we want to do it but never have time to do what we must do to dedicate ourselves to accomplishing what YOU call impossible right now? Using the excuse YOU don't have time to do anything, your to busy but still always ending up at the same place. The first thing YOU must learn is without massive action, dedeication, and training mind, body and soul you will wake up one day and their really will be no time to do what you so long for in your life whatever it may be you want to be, do or have will all be just a dream for real!! Most of us have no clue what busy really is. Trust me I've seen busy lifestyles your's cannot touch. Nick Cannon a great frined of mine gets 3 hours of sleep sometimes and works his shows for 16 hours doing this 6 days a week for months at a time with kids and Maria. He uses "The Trainer J's ACCOUNTABILITY Programs and Systems I've taught to him to stay on track, why? Because we are their with you every step of the way just like with Nick. (Thanks Nick):)

YOU can be, do or have anything you want! Start your Trainer J's Coaching Program Today and see where you will be by 2013.

Preperation is key to fitness, health and life success but not without knowledge on how to achieve your set written goals. Yes thats right written goals where you will see them daily even twice a day and we will cross these goals off together!!!

You will learn:

Health, Nutrition, Shopping For Groceries, Lifestyle Change, Affirmations, Goal setting, Learn to Learn and you will be ACCOUNTABLE Ever Step of The Way.

Programs starting at $25 a Month.
Start today and change your LIFE forever!
Talents I Wish to Hone.
"Trainer J's ACCOUNTABILITY Programs and Systems" are created for anyone to understand their daily actions create the future you either want to live or the future you can't beleive your living. Either way you are in full control of the out come of your lifes destiny. When I create the ACCOUNTABILITY Program I was trying to figure a way to make the most cost effective program the world had ever seen so that everyone could become better, more fit, educated, nutritionally inclined, hard working but smarter more effective people. I wanted to talk with people and use an online system that would prove to straighten many thousands of people up in days not weeks or months but days of beginning my Trainer J's ACCOUNTABILITY Programs and Systems.

There is nothing better in this world than having a life coach that has the education in all 5 key areas of your life.


See when I profile you I will point out the down falls that possibly could be holding you back from living the most passionate, fit, healthy lifestyle possible.

Every week you will speak with your coach for 15-30 minutes, every week you will receive meal plans customized for your needs, every week you will adjust your attitude in ways that benefit your future, every week you will get more sleep, every week you will become more fit while understanding the new lifestyle we are creating together. You have full access to the worlds #1 Health and Wellness Portal, Top Nutritionist, Top Personal Trainers and Life Coaches at anytime. Email your coach for advise on life subjects, money, eating right, exercise and everything in between. The ACCOUNTABILITY Program is 24/7 custome created to put you on track so your living your life not life sucking from your mind, body and soul. Life is a blessing, a treasure filled with games, fun, excitement but when your out of shape and filled with toxins your not think right and your energy levels are that of a 90 years old man.

ACCOUNTABILITY for your actions will create a life you could only dream of living. Look and feel 10 years younger, go swimming, biking and mountain climbing because now your able to live life. Become creative, start that new business, help other acheive their goals, become a leader and not a follower and all of this happens in less time than you would think. Life is justified to be great or as some of you may say a bunch of bad luck but we know and ubnderstand life is what you create in your mind, your actions every minute of the day and without the right vision with right amount of action twoards that vision needed to acheive your goals in fitness, health and money you'll be swimming up stream all your life and instead of allowing the currents of life to take you places you could only dream you will be drowning in the sea of anger, hate, frustration and no will to become any better than you are today. Please give this program a chance to transform your entir ebing from the feeling of being a nobody to the leader everyone wants and needs.
My Passion Project:
BodyPROUD ACCOUNTABILITY System was created for everyone and anyone to stay motivated focused and acheive their goals in record timing. To date since its creation I have helped over 10,000 people, trainers, fitness competitors and stay at home moms stay ACCOUNATBLE for their actions in life, the gym, at home, mind, body and soul.

BodyPROUD ACCOUNTABILITY Program is the most cost effective way for you to stay on track with your workouts, meals and nutritional habits. I guarantee your results in record timing. This system is done via online, in your own home, at your gym and where ever you feel most comfortable doing the program. If your goal is to drop 30 pounds in 3 months we keep you ACCOUNTABLE for everything you do.

BodyPROUD's ACCOUNTABILITY Program is a cost effective way for you to know exactly what workouts you must do every week, what meals you will want to eat, your shopping list,we advise you use our online Yoga workouts, exercise programs and so your comfortable you can do this anywhere you want.

You will receive weekly life coaching calls, emails, grocery shopping list, custome meal plans that are simple and easy to make. You will receive customized workouts that fit into your lifestyle and schedule. We will keep track of all your results, measurements, weight and body fat for you and also send you a certificate of completion when you acheive your goal.

BodyPROUD ACCOUNTABILITY Program is great for everyone and and starts at $25 dollars a month. If you've never had a coach before this will keep you on the right path everyday.

The BodyPROUD ACCOUNTABILITY System will keep you on track with your veryown trainer, nutritionist, life coach and friend. Online, in the comfort of your home, and withn the experts advise of natioanlly reconigzed life coaches who will help you in all aspects of your life.

Become all you can be with BodyPROUD ACCOUNTABILITY Programs and Systems and get started today for as low as $25 a month.

Contact us for a Free 1 Week Trial and see for yourself how staying ACCOUNTABLE for yourself can change your life, your body, your money and your fitness in record time.

BodyPROUD ACCOUNTABILITY Online System (Free Week Trial)
Areas I wish to Solve / Resolve / Enrich:
Teacher, Personal Trainer &/or Fitness Professional, Entrepreneur, CEO, Health & Lifestyle, Entertainment Industry, Food Industry, Venture Capitalist, Model, Fitness Model, Gym Owner, I want to be a Wellness Consultant, I am interested in Business Opportunities inspiring health and fitness, Corporate Job, Public Services, Professional, Other
My Philosophy / Message / Wisdom:
I Am Grateful for:

-God my Savior and Business Partner
-ACCOUNTABILITY Online Training Program
-Jeff and Mindy Kippel
-BodyPROUD Fitness Boot Camp Business across the world that are exceeding a SIX FIGURE income and everyone in between.
-BodyPROUD Personal Trainer Dvds,Cds and Books.
-Having the ability to change a Personal Trainers Business in one day of Coaching to earn more in a month than they did all year last.
-Having skills as a Fitness Business Coach to increase the profits of any Fitness Professional and New Be to the world of Fitness Business Ownership.
-The blessed material I create that it truly has been proven to change the way Personal Trainers and Boot Camp Business Owners and Employees make BIG money.

I am thankful that everyday I wake up I am one step closer to changing the world of fitness forever. I with Jeff and Mindy Kippel are creating materials that increase the profits of Personal Trainers, Boot Camps and Fitness Professionals and Fitness Business Owners Worldwide.

I am thankful to have events we host that teach Personal Trainers everything they will need in life to change their business, life and money once and for all.

Thank you, Thank you God, Mom, Elyssa, Jeff and Mindy and tyo the thousands of Personal Trainers,Boot Camps and Fitness Professionals that trusted me when I said I am the #1 Fitness Business Growth Expert in the world today and are all now earning SIX FIGURE and SEVEN FIGURE incomes.

I love this planet and the people living on it, may we use the time we share well and I love living bodyPROUD.

Check out how you can live bodyPROUD while being on track to earning a SIX FIGURE income in 60 days or less and opening your own BodyPROUD Fitness Boot Camp Location $0 Money Down and BodyPROUD Personal Training Business Location in 7 Days or Less Guaranteed.

*Trainer J's Fitness Explosion Formula 5 and 7 Series Dvds,Cds and Book Sets for Personal Trainers.
*Trainer J's BodyPROUD Fitness Boot Camp Business Material
*Trainer J's BodyPROUD Personal Trainer Business Material
*Trainer J's One-On-One Coaching For Fitness Professionals
*Trainer J's Speaking Events and 3 Day Events (You will walk out of these a new successful minded Fitness Professiona who has everything one needs for fitness explosion in money, freedom and business growth.

Thank You again to all my Fitness Coaching Clients,Personal Trainers,Boot Camps and Fitness Professionals. I will continue to develope material into the future that will make your life simple in the work place while earning you more money.

Who will become my next SEVEN FIGURE BodyPROUD Fitness Business Owner
My Inspiration:
Players I Wish to Associate With and Why:
Hi, my name is Jason "Trainer J" Ferraro and I own and operate a TrueStar Health Nutritional Supplement Business.I am a Top nutritionist, weight loss coach and life coach who shows you how to achieve goals that you thought were unachievable inrecord timing. I am also always looking for new susper stars who are looking to own their own business and right now is the best time to get on board, I can get you into your own nutritional business for $20. Also...

I have created the very best way for anyone to become an extremely successful person in their fitness results, nutrition, meal planning and lifestyle changes. I am a 20 year veteran Top Personal Trainer,Nutritionist and Lifestyle Coach who has creatyed the BodyPROUD inspired "Trainer J's Accountability Program". This program will never allow you to get off track, eat the wrong food, miss a workout or understand what you need to be doing to drop the unwanted pounds. I have created the world first Accountability Program for "anyone" to stay healthy, more fit, know what to eat and when, plus I create all your workout routines, meal plans and nutritional habits for you via my #1 Rated Health and Wellness Portal. I am giving everyone (YOU) a chance to stay on track and acheive your goals. Whether it be just to drop a couple pounds, get ready for a fitness show or drop 3-6 dress sizes I have created the most affordable system for anyone to stay "ACCOUNTABLE" in their life.

You will receive:
* Weekly Meal Plans Customized For Your Goals
* Workour Routines that Can Be Done at Home or in the Gym
* Customized Workout Videos and Workout Plans
* Customized Yoga Videos to lean out those hard worked muscles
* Phone calls weekly to keep you on track and up dated with your results
* Transformation Photos
* Guaranteed Results
* The most cost effective system for anyone to stay ACCOUNTABLE for their health, fitness and goals to be acheived.
* Never worry about what to eat, how to exercise or how to trim up ever again, Trainer J becomes your life coach, your partner and I guarantee your results or double your money back. This will prove to be the smallest most effective investment you ever make intom yourself, your health, your workouts and stay ACCOUNTABLE for your golas being acheived everytime!!!

Get started today for as low as $25 and start your

Free Consults when you emails me or call at globalfitnessexplosion@comcast.net 412-818-8033 Call Today!

The BodyPROUD inspired
"Trainer J's ACCOUNTABILITY Program" System/Training/Nutritionist/Live Chat/Online Routines and it Works!!!
Look for ME Here:
My A HA moment always comes to me. I am constatly creating new avenues for health and fitness. I create money that would never have been there unless I spoke to myself using visualization tactics you will learn. If any of you have ever read the book "The Secret" you'll have some kind of understand of what ACCOUNTABILITY, VISUALIZATION and TAKING MASSIVE ACTION in your life will create abundance of wealth, health and more vision that will be used to transform your life, your address, your family, your everything.

The ACCOUNTABILITY Program will give you all these gifts and more from start to finish you would understand how to control your every thought, your every move, and be aware of opportunity that can make you millions of dollars that you would have walked right by before. Failure is success reversed. Meaning without failure you could never be in a place right now right here to become even better than the best person you know or would like to mirror.

Let my company show you how to live the happiest, most prosper life you can. We get one chance to do this right, so what would it take for you to become the greatest person you can be?

Call me today for this answer!
Jason "Trainer J" Ferraro/Life Coach/ACCOUTABILITY Expert/Trainer/Nutritionist and Friend.

P.S. This program is for everyone. When you stop and realize your able to use tools and strategies to create the best life possible will be the day that you start living the life you were suppose to live.
My GAME Play Strategy:
My Goals Are All About Your Goals Being Met in Record Time:)

What would it be like if you had all your workout routines customized for your goals to be acheived in record time?

What would life be like if you understood what foods help you incinerate belly and body fat?

What would life be like if you had a professional life coach, personal trainer and nutritionist walking you through life?

Can you understand how important it is for you to have expert knowledge at your finger tips, handing you the most magnificent formula of your personal success is what we do.

Without a doubt people in todays world have extremely busy lifestyle that make it hard to look the way you want to look, feel the way you want to feel, win the competition, have more energy, be so inspired you create another path way to wealth.

Well now you can! The Trainer J's ACCOUNTABILITY Program will keep your life on track, fit, energized and healthier than ever. 93% of people who use these systems create more wealth, their yearly earning percentages jump by becoming more energized, more creative, and by taking more action.

This program has a lot to do with you looking good, knowing what to eat, but it's also about having more out of life at any age. What is it you want to be, do or have?

This program will get it for you in record time. How many times have you failed your New Years Resolution? Not anymore, with the ACCOUNTABILITY Program Trainer J and staff have created you will never be without knowledge in any area of your life.

It has taken 25 years for me Jason "Trainer J" ferraro to completely create a program that works for everyone, in any situation, acheive any goal. This program and system works and we would like to prove this by giving you a 1 Week Free Trial to show you how you too can become the very best person you can be, the most fit and sexy woman you can be, the most ripped and cut man you can be while giving you all the facts about exercise, fitness and nutrition in the world.

Please call now to start living a life that people only dream of but you know better and by taking massive action right now and contacting me I can efect your body, life, health and income with in the first week of starting the program guaranteed. You will not get results anywhere faster and more effectively than with the
"Trainer J's ACCOUNTABILITY Program".

Call Now or write to me and tell me your story.
Jason "Trainer J" Ferraro
Skills I Have:
My personal BodyPROUD commitment is to create the very simplest strategies for people just like you, fitness professionals, models, stay at home moms and dads, working parents and children to stay on track using my guaranteed results programs and systems. Trainer J's ACCOUNTABILITY Online Training Program will have your workouts better than ever, have your meals cleaner and more healthy, you will sleep better to heal from the training routines we will be customizing for your goals. The most successful Athletes, Fitness Competitors, Body Builders, Models, Actors and people just like you all use my program. start the most guaranteed success driven program known to man today and achieve your results in record time!

The "Trainer J's ACCOUTABILITY Program" and Systems are a proven daily, weekly or monthly program created to make you ACCOUTABLE for your actions in the 5 key areas of health, life and fitness being.


With my customized person profiling system I am guaranteed to shape and mold you into the person/athlete you always dreamed of being in record time. I have the most cost effective strategy for anyone and I do mean anyone to look and feel better than ever, create massive amounts of wealth, sleep better, have more enegery and create the life of your DREAMS!

"Trainer J's ACCOUNTABILITY Online Training Program" has been created by Jason "Trainer J" Ferraro along with top naturopathic Doctors, Nutritionists, Life Coaches, Top Company CEOs, Personal Trainers and Myself. When have you ever beenb coached and failed? When have you ever learned to do the right things or do things correctly and failed?

You know what starts to happen to our clients right away? Our clients begin feeling something inside that has been stolen from themselves for the longest period of time holding them back from achieving the fullest life possible. Our online training and coaching system has proven to make dreams come true. Dreams as simple as losing unwanted pounds or as large as trimmimg down for a big movie role whatever the goal, you will succeed. You will feel something inside you working with your ACCOUNTABILITY Coach that will begin churning those inner emotions you closed away for so long, you will bring out all the feelings you hide each day and use them in a possitive way, but instead of hiding your going to face your feelings and fears so you defeat the inner being that you long to hate, that part of YOU that has been holding YOU back for so long from "Living With Passion".

Where you are now and where you will be in 3 days from now even a day from now is up to you. This includeds the foods you will eat, whether or not you will do something physical for your heart and lungs and body, whether you will sleep good or toss and turn. Our job is to get you on track, to make life simple to go through while creating the healthiest most successful, fit you there can ever be and teach you how to stay this way the rest of your life!

Try my programs and systems free for 1 Week Then decide whether you want to become a champion in your life or if you want to go back to the old you and stay average, look older than you are, overweight and out of shape.

Your life is a journey that never stops!

Contact me now to get started.
Referred by (and why):
Jeff and Mindy Kippel Thanks Guys YOU Rock!
Please Come Join Our Ground Level Lucrative Earning Opportunity at TrueStar Health Today:
www.bodyproudtruestar.com Recieve a "Free" Custom Website Portal Join for as low as $20 and go onto earn a Six Figure Residual Income for LIFE. Contact me today: 412-818-8033

"Trainer J's Programs Teach Anyone To Make a HIGH SIX FIGURE INCOME In 6 Months or Less Guaranteed" So STO Complaining the answer is right here in front of YOU. Call Trainer J Today 412-818-8033 or Sign Up For His TrueStar Company For Only $20 at www.bodyproudtruestar.com (Share this with everyone please together we can change the world) Thank You:) "Live With Passion"

Imagine how your life will be different when you start making $50, $100, even $500 or more per day working from the comfort of the gym,home

or office just a few hours per week with outstanding

results? BUT all This Money is Coming From the Clubs

and Trainers Below YOU!! This is about placement right now

and some of you are missing a Free Ride to Financial Security!!!
* Will you be driving the same car? * Will you be living in the same house? * Will you be working at the same full-time job?
Give yourself permission to dream because with just a LITTLE bit of rejection-free work, over an extended period of time, you can and will produce an amazing result.
Your success is certain if you take action.
How can I be so sure? Because we are simply going to COPY OUR WAY TO SUCCESS. Why reinvent the wheel when the road to riches has already been traveled and all we need to do is follow the map?
Let's get started...

Hello I Make Piles of Money as a Personal Trainer So Can YOU, (Top Selling Personal Training Sales month $123,787 in less than 30 days)...

I was just like you before this fell into my lap! A Top Personal Trainer for 20 Years Has Taken It's Toll On My Body. Actually this is my third company the others

were OK but nothing like this. TrueStar has made it extremely simple to get your members, clients and referrals involved. Bottom line people, members and training clients love this because your building value, it shows you care about achieving your members, clients results and when a new referral or prospect walks in and you show them that they have a way to print out all their workouts, meal plans and if they chose purchase not just some product that's new to the market but the #1 Rated Products in North America and probably the world. Those of you still waiting to decide I want you to know this. 6 years ago I was in a company similar to this. Three of my buddies got in at the same time as I did but worked the company 3-12 hours a week. I looked at this like you probably do it cannot be all that, its a sales tool great but no one buys this crap. I and you could never be so wrong in our life! These three gentlemen are earning $243,789. Not a year, not a month BUT every single week. These are two trainers and 1 club owner who all are earning more than $100,000 a week and only started 6 short years ago. Between you and me I have no idea where I'll be in 6 years but I do know I will have create my fortunes from this company, using the Free Customized Health and Wellness Portal. This has proven to be one of the most profitable if not the most profitable business I have ever trusted. Yes trusted, these guys work hard so your business is constantly growing. All this is about is TELLING members, clients, new referrals and prospects about the Free Portal. Trainers use this worldwide (smart ones who understand making money, a future and giving value towards their services to sell more training). My trainers sell 60 sessions, 120 sessions because we show value towards our service. Their is a way to do everything and my Personal Training Sales Program prove to out sell anyone in the industry teaching hundreds of trainers to earn $10,000-$50,000 a month in personal training, then add in the portal which members, clients, referrals and prospects share with friends, family, coworkers, neighbors building their clientele using the TrueStar Customized Portal Free.

My company TrueStar Health would like to give you a "Free" Health and Wellness Portal for your Business, Gym, Members, Boot Campers, Employees and Trainers. We are revolutionizing the industry and would like to give you this portal free!!! We will market your clubs, personal training, boot camps, classes to 1 million fitness minded individuals who need your help!


Nice chatting with you. We sound like a perfect fit together. Here are all the videos. I figured I'd just send all of them so you get a better idea of this simple to do business. Contact me for even more about this GROUND LEVEL OPPORTUNITY so I may send you the compensation plan. Looking forward to speaking with you. Have an amazing day.

http://youtu.be/y0yz9Kw0L5U - Our Story

http://youtu.be/EwbkqlPv8el - Comparative Guide Video

http://wealth.truestar.com/opportunity-video.aspx - Opportunity Video


If the link doesn't work, please copy and paste it into your web browser.

Best wishes,

Jason "Trainer J" Ferraro

412 818 8033


www.sportsclubmgt.com For Health Club Consulting and Real Results Based Personal Training Growth (Optional and Affordable to personal trainers and club owners)

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Most of you without contacting me will never understand the true power of becoming a part of a company like this at GROUND LEVEL and what this means to the wealth

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Look just take the time to listen to what I have to tell you. I am not boring or a guy searching for people who do not want to be millionaires. I am looking for anyone who wants to achieve financial freedom.

Start today for only $20 and let all the other Snap Fitness Owners and Trainers Push Tens of Thousands of Dollars a Month UP TO YOU Guaranteed to Happen this is all about placement. Do you truly care about the trainers making more money? Your members having everything they need to never leave your facility? Think about the business and where things are going so your on track to earning a HIGH SIX FIGURE Income in 1-2 years guaranteed.

Call me because I want to make sure you understand this personally. Take 5 minutes out of your day to ask questions, get answers and start creating your fortunes from Clubs I sign underneath you and the trainers who work for these clubs.

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Jason "Trainer J" (Nutritionist)'s Blog

"Creative Meal Planning is Leading To Magnificent Physical Results of My Clients"

Posted on February 13, 2012 at 8:57am 0 Comments

Hey thanks for the friend,

I been helping our bodyPROUD members for sometime now.

I help people in dieting,meal planning,new exercises,attitude and sleep.

If you have the time I will show you why our members acheive extreme success in life, fitness and healthy living. I have created this very easy to master program so you get real results like our top athleletes.

In the right hand corner of the bodyPROUD website is all the…


"Fitness Professionals Are Increasing Profits by $5000 a Month"

Posted on February 9, 2012 at 11:09am 0 Comments

What would you say if I said I can get you more clients, more referrals and more leads so your fitness business grows beyond belief?


When is the last time you told yourself this would be your year to make the changes in your life that promise to make you the lifestyle you deserve. How many issues in your life are from not having enough money? If I asked you to list all the things you could do in your life if you were…


"Great Ad For In-Home Personal Training Which is Making a HUGE Come BACK for Trainers"

Posted on February 1, 2012 at 8:12am 0 Comments

Fitness at it's Finest In-Home Personal Training. We have the most affordable rates for anyone to take "massive action" in 2012 in physical transformations, nutritional education, limited ability clients welcome, children and YOU to change your LIFE in days of starting our physical fitness programs. Fun, Educational, Exciting and Guaranteed to Achieve Long Term Results.

We work with top Ceo's, News Anchors; Stay at Home Moms and Dads and everyday hard working people just like YOU that…


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At 10:47pm on March 22, 2012, Board of Fitness & Exercise said…

We would very much like you to become our friend in a growing international community! I represent the newly formed “International Board of Fitness & Exercise” IBFE. We offer worldwide access to “open-book” Online Personal Trainer Certification eliminating the “exam-anxiety”. We recognize your experience in fitness and exercise as a qualification for exam preparedness and even provide you with FREE and unique education materials. When you pass the exam you print out your personalized certificate! Be our friend, take the test, and grow with us!

At 8:18pm on January 31, 2012, Johnny L. Hopkins said…

I am working on my weight loss slowly but surely. In my area, we had one gym in my town that apparently has closed down, so I will start to look for a gym soon, there is a 24 hour gym in the next town over I will look into. I currently walk for 30-35 minutes daily at least 5 times a week.

At 10:42am on January 31, 2012, Ms. Peace said…

Thanks for stopping by my page. So far everything is going good. I appreciate your offer. I will inbox you for more details. Live Fit!!

At 10:33pm on January 24, 2012, Sally said…

Thank you, I look forward to learning from you

At 10:57am on December 10, 2011, Johnny L. Hopkins said…

Thanks for the request

At 12:15am on October 12, 2011, Jason "Trainer J" (Nutritionist) said…
Would you like to own your own BodyPROUD Fitness Boot Camp Business and in weeks of opening your first of many locations be on track to a six figure income?
Trainer J Ferraro has created the worlds fastest growing indoor fitness boot camp business with BoxyPROUD Ambassadors Jeff and Mindy Kippel. 
Contact us today for your material,videos and audio for you to start your six figure earning BodyPROUD Fitness Boot Camp Business…

Launching in 2 weeks so for your discount on this material contact Trainer J or Jeff and Mindy Kippel Today
$239 to start your own BodyPROUD Fitness Indoor Fitness Boot Camp Business
At 12:15am on October 12, 2011, Jason "Trainer J" (Nutritionist) said…
Would you like to own your own BodyPROUD Fitness Boot Camp Business and in weeks of opening your first of many locations be on track to a six figure income?
Trainer J Ferraro has created the worlds fastest growing indoor fitness boot camp business with BoxyPROUD Ambassadors Jeff and Mindy Kippel. 
Contact us today for your material,videos and audio for you to start your six figure earning BodyPROUD Fitness Boot Camp Business…

Launching in 2 weeks so for your discount on this material contact Trainer J or Jeff and Mindy Kippel Today
$239 to start your own BodyPROUD Fitness Indoor Fitness Boot Camp Business
At 12:20pm on August 18, 2011, Angel Alberto Garcia said…

You came to the right place for tips and information on training, and diet. BodyProud.org is the best there is.



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