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Doreen Inzalaco's Page

Profile Information

My "Proud ME" Story:
Fitness has been a big part of my life for many many years until I became gluten intolerant after I had my child 10 years ago The pregnancy was extremely difficult and spent most the time in the hospital. I started out the pregnancy a very fit 120 lbs to last I would look at scale 196 lbs with 3 weeks before giving birth (now over 200 lbs I'm sure). After giving birth, just to walk was extremely painful. Everyday I would walk out the front door and see how far I could walk..first week was just to house next door & back.. Three years later I lost all the weight by just eating right and walking. I was not able to workout without becoming very sick...then the fight to live began when I became extremely ill with all the symptoms of Celiac Disease but not yet diagnosed...After 5 longs years, I was healthy enough to exercise & in February 2010 I joined the gym for the first time in 10 years. Still achieving a healthy mind, body and spirit was a fight. After 9 months, the peace of my mind, body and spirit returned and I can once again smile as my journey to improving the look of my body can be achieved...
What Made Me "ME"
Only person I would consider is my mother...her strength, courage and positive outlook in life. Coming from an extremely poor background living in a home with dirt floors, crates for furniture and having nothing to eat many times. The eldest of ten kids she would be left caring for them, cooking and cleaning and picking cotton to help family make barely enough money for food. My mother met my father when they both were 15 and he took her out of poverty. A true love story. I had the best childhood with many wonderful memories. Dad died at 60 (day after mom turned 60). Today mom is 73 and doing this day never a complaint except day when Dad died.
My Body Proud Moments
I am looking for advice in maintaining strength and leaning on a gluten free diet.
Experience, Awareness, or Life Lesson that Enriched ME:
When the ability to eat is taken away...the mind, body and spirit is lost. I had to rediscover how to be happy again and found this quote...”Happiness cannot be traveled to, owned, earned, worn or consumed. Happiness is the spiritual experience of living every minute with love, grace and gratitude”. Denis Waitley
Talents I Wish to Hone.
In 1986 I entered two fitness competitions and placed 3rd at each. I was a professional cheerleader for one season back in 1984. November 2010 I was discovered when just minding my own business doing my day to day life when a TV director/creator of a TV show asked me to audition to join the cast of a new TV series. I went through almost the entire process then opted out after discovering I would be gone for 3 to 4 months to film the episodes for 1st season then home 4 months then gone again 3 to 4 months once again to film another season. The pay was very very good but I truly love my career and the potential fame did not feel right for me...In my chosen career, I help many many people and that gives me joy and feeds my spirit knowing that I am doing something great to help many people...I will always look back smiling at this great to be approached to audition to join the cast...A story I can share one day with my grandchildren and great grandchildren that staying fit and healthy brings many opportunities when you least expect it..
My Passion Project:
In the distant past I weight trained hard in the gym 5 days per week. I competed in 2 fitness competitions and placed 3rd both times. Currently I workout with the P90X program. At 47 I would love to continue maintaining my health and strength with an improving sculpted body on the diet of a gluten intolerant individual. If I train too hard I find that I relapse. Would love to be able to train without a relapse.
Areas I wish to Solve / Resolve / Enrich:
My Philosophy / Message / Wisdom:
My health after a 5 year battle just to maintain enough strength to start working out again...My niece with same illness went on a feeding tube as all food became her enemy..I was determined not to let that happen to me and I drank Ensure for many many months (going weeks at a time) as part of my daily diet until finally I could eat food again. I have not had any Ensure as part of my diet since June 2010. I still have two bottles in my refrigerator to remind me how far I have come in my health...
Players I Wish to Associate With and Why:
I'm not looking to plug my business...I would prefer advice and help...In sharing my challenges with Gluten Intolerance, I hope to help others and also others may reach out to help me...
Look for ME Here:
Maintaining a healthy mind, body and spirit.
My GAME Play Strategy:
It took 5 years of my life to discover I was gluten intolerant and this past year I have been trying to master living gluten free.

Here is How to Tell if You Have a Gluten Allergy...

With a Gluten Allergy (also called celiac disease---often confused and misdiagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome). Each person will present differently with symptoms. How can you tell if you have a gluten allergy or plain old indigestion if everyone's symptoms differ? There are two types of Gluten allergy (celiac disease). They are latent celiac disease (usually from childhood, successfully treated) and silent celiac disease (occurs later in life, responds to treatment well).

Symptoms and Facts

1. Chronic fatigue is the main symptom of celiac disease. It's more than feeling run down or not wanting to walk that daily mile. It's more like everything in life is too much an effort, such as getting up in the morning, getting dressed and eating meals.

2. Not absorbing nutrients (or, malnutrition) is another sign. This one is harder to diagnose. One symptom of malnutrition is weight loss. If you're eating a well-balanced diet (from all food groups), and you're still not having the energy to do activities of daily living, you could have celiac disease. Watch for easy bruising, caused by a lack of absorption of Vitamin K which helps in healing.

3. Nerve damage (peripheral neuropathy). Tingling in the hands, feet, legs and arms due to deficiencies of Vitamins B12 and Thiamin is common. This will cause nerve damage.

4. Try an Elimination Diet. Eliminate all wheat and flour products from your diet, usually for a period of six to eight weeks. Your response to the elimination diet will go a long way toward making a determination about you and celiac disease.

5. Have a bowel biopsy. If that is indeterminate, then your doctor will recommend a colon biopsy. This will determine what kind of gluten sensitivity you have.

Talk to your doctor or health care provider before changing your diet. This article is not intended as a substitute for health care advice, rather, it is intended to improve discussions with your doctor. By Brick Oneil
Skills I Have:
I am very very close to reaching my goal...I would like to be at my peek potential in 90 days and maintain my peek fitness without relapsing. I admire the physique of those who compete in fitness competitions, but the physique I desire is a well toned, not too lean, athletic healthy body...P90X..First round Started June 2010 finished Sept 2010...Start weight - 125 lbs...end weight 125 lbs...Two months off...P90X...Second round Started 11-23-10...Start weight - 120 lbs..size 2L or 4L slacks..size 26L jeans...first round achieved excellent cardio condition...second round goal to achieve more muscle tone...
Referred by (and why):
I learned about this site in search for fitness and diet advise...

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At 12:04am on June 11, 2011, Jeffrey Kippel: Co-Founder said…

Good job Doreen!

Please elaborate .... 

At 6:32pm on May 26, 2011, Angel Alberto Garcia said…
I hope you are in excellent health. Take care and have fun.
At 9:39am on April 5, 2011, Johnny said…

Thank you so much for the add Doreen. So new here, I'm just getting my legs

Have a great day.


At 11:28pm on March 31, 2011, Angel Alberto Garcia said…

Take care and have a great week.

At 8:33pm on February 4, 2011, Angel Alberto Garcia said…
Have a great weekend.
At 10:38am on February 1, 2011, Thomas said…
How are u?
U are one gorgeous young lady!!!
At 9:02pm on December 31, 2010, Angel Alberto Garcia said…

Have a wonderful New Year.

At 8:58am on December 02, 2010, Michel Reverte gave Doreen Inzalaco a gift
At 8:03am on December 1, 2010, Martone Fuller said…
Hello and welcome. If it's true, you great to be 47 years young


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