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Featuring: "My Story: My Why" - 3 Mins


Each participant is given a microphone to share their their transformation story: where they came, where they are, what sparked their transformation, what they are proud of, and what life experience / message they want others to learn from. 

The BodyProud Story provides individuals the opportunity speak their truth, to speak from their heart and be authentic and feel full of pride and celebrate their transformation success. Tons of breatkthroughs, AHA's, and personal discovery elements. 

This aspect alone is GREAT for those who choose to master their own empowerment.  Very rewarding in that respect alone. 

Participants have the option to share their new BodyProud Mission Statement and/or publicly DARE themselves to participate in a Spotlight event of a specific date / location. 


Showcase participants are featured at community level and local Healthy Happy Hours. These may take place in an intimate setting such as someone's home, or at a larger setting such as an aerobics studio, community center, gym, or hotel. 

BodyProud Showcase Events suit the specific tastes, interests and message of the Promoter.  

As such, they may be targeted to specific demographics, such as "moms", "over 50", "fitness models" etc. OR they may be held to celebrate particular transformation-triumphs, such as "removal of medications", "overcoming eating disorder", "diabetes-no-more" etc.  So be sure to check the schedule.


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