Physique Model: Fitness Model, Muscle Model, Swimsuit Model

Individuals of either gender, at any age, and at whatever starting point can opt at any time to sculpt their physique, build their muscle, and/or shape their body. That decision, when carried all the way through, often leads to life enhancing rewards.


Whether intentional or not, the pursuit of those physique goals also acts as a catalyst to a more healthy, active lifestyle. With it comes new knowledge, awareness of self, increased confidence, and of significant importance, more happiness.

As the FAME Stage is often instrumental in motivating individuals to continue on their chosen pathway, more categories were developed so as to accommodate them and their preferred physique goals.

We often see more seasoned athletes compete as a means to express themselves, open up doors of opportunities, and/or build their brand. Of course the fact that the competitive aspect is a thrill in itself also serves as exciting incentives to remain healthy and fit. In fact, it's quite common to see such individuals switch between categories to vary things up. :)

So for all of you who are about to venture into the fantastic world of FAME, we salute you! Congratulations. Enjoy all that is yet to come!


The FAME Model Search competitions are open to males and females 18 years and older. Physique styles range for the lean, tone of Fitness Models to the defined muscle mass of Muscle Models. Females can also compete as Swimsuit Model.


The main differences are based on your personal physique &/or preferences

  • Lean & Toned
  • Bulky & Mass
  • Sexy & Curvaceous

Fitness Models tend to be lean and toned with some ab development and/or muscularity. Muscle Models show more size and are sometimes also more cut and defined. Swimsuit Models are in shape and ready to sizzle a suit on the beach. If they have any ab development, it's generally slight.

In other words, multiple styles of physiques with varying degrees of muscularity can excel in the physique model search.





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