Empower Yourself / Inspire Others

As our mission is to inspire and empower people to be bodyPROUD, we have aligned with two amazing companies who are helping us achieve this.

1. Truestar Health Network:

- learn how to become a Wellness Consultant

- learn all about vitamins and supplementation

- build a business in the fitness and health industry

- inspire others to lead a healthy, active life

- get FREE meal plans for yourself or others (customized to your goals & preferences)

- get FREE training programs for yourself and others (sport specific, yoga, or weights)

- learn how to boost your own business and become a Sales Superstar

- build your brand with a customized Wellness Portal

- Learn More: Business Webinar // Meal & Exercise Plans // Wellness Portals


2. International Board of Fitness & Exercise:

- learn what personal trainers know
(the book is FREE to download)

- take the test and become certified as a Personal Trainer

- the course is FREE

- take the test from the comfort of your house - all online!

- the training certificate is emailed immediately

- Learn More: Curriculum // Get Certified

3. BodyPROUD Showcase Events:
- Individuals are given the microphone for up to 2 minutes of talk-time to share their personal story of transformation and triumphs.

- This is ideal for those who have faced obstacles in their lives and are ready to celebrate their successes.

- It is an ideal way for bodyPROUD people to inspire and empower more people to be bodyPROUD.

- For those who wish to host a Showcase, there are revenue-boosting, brand-building, and revenue-generating models available.

Learn More: Host a BodyPROUD Showcase


All of these allow you to boost your revenue potential (become financially fit), enhance your own knowledge, gain confidence, and inspire and empower others. For that, we are grateful!





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