Our Mission

Our Mission is to inspire and empower 100 Million to love how they look, love how they feel and love the thoughts they think! To be bodyproud, mindproud and moneyproud --> inside and out, mind to heart, head to toe.

We began this journey back in 1998 with the launch of the World Natural Sports Organization (WNSO) bringing pathways for natural athletes to showcase themselves and embark on their own transformation. In 2003 this evolved into FAME - a worldwide series of events, expos, tv shows, magazines - providing platforms for those athletes to shine, build their brand and inspire others. Then in 2008 we launched the BodyProud Community to help them spread their message and story even further and now fast forward to today, 2014, and we have transformed into the BodyProud Crowd with a huge mission to empower 100 million!

Providing Pathways
Providing pathways for those who chose to be bodyproud to achieve their human potential, step into their powers and live out their dreams. 

Providing Platforms
Featuring forward-thinking individuals and environmentally-responsible products, brands,  and services which inspire, empower, guide and/or assist those who choose to be bodyproud. 



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