Why Do YOU Compete? How Has Competing Benefited YOU? In What Ways Do YOU Feel bodyPROUD?


"It helped me rebuild my self confidence and I feel many years younger than I am thanks to clean eating and healthy living!"
Raymond Martin

"Improving my mental focus and improving my physique. So always accepting the fact that I can always improve and get better in everything I do."
Naiem Ally

"To prove to myself that I can still do it and that life goes on beyond critical illness, to show others with similar afflictions that it is not the end of the line and they can live constructive, fulfilling lives and hopefully to inspire some to do the same."
Colloseum Gym

"I know by putting myself against others i will push harder, learn more and take my physique than i ever could without that deadline in place. competition requires your very best effort"
David Briggs

"To accomplish what I once believed I could not"
Lynette Fidel


"It feels so good to set a goal and then achieve it."
Jodi Lynn

"To see what I am capable of."

Lisa Fyfe

"pushing myself, staying focused, and meeting others with similar beliefs and lifestyles."

Julie Supple

To show off the results from training hard at the gym!
Olga Fernandez

"I compete to see just what I got inside of me that hasn't come out yet! Each time I surprise myself! Thanks to BodyProud & FAME for also making it an AWESOME experience each & every time! ♥ I AM BODYPROUD! ♥"
Tina Darbyshire

"I overcame shyness. I never was comfortable with my body, and the first time I wore a bikini -- with pride -- was on stage as a Fitness Model."



Competing has totally changed my life ! It's has give my business credability and given me the oppertunity to motivate my clients and inspire over 100 athletes to take to the stage not to mention the numerous friends I have made during my competative career . It has given my life purpose and I will always be greatful for the life I now lead . Thank you FAME for giving natural athletes everywhere a home :)

Dave Avery, Personal Trainer & Athlete


I have experienced many adversities and was, "death waiting to happen". "The gym is mine alone to do what I please, my think tank, my private lair, my rage pit, my world". Now body proud and sober, Malachi inspires youth. Being bodyPROUD saved my life. 

Malachi Smith 


"because it keeps that motivational fire in me going plus it's my greatest foundation to staying disciplined while priortizing the activities that come with each new day".
Ralph Yates   

"If you really want something, you won't let anything somebody says, any negative thoughts, or even status hold you back from reaching you goal!
Andre Bland 


As a forensic pathologist in training, I know that "our body is a temple". Treat it right and take care of it....there's no limits to how far one can go. The mind and body work together...you gotta take care of both." "It's a proven fact exercise reduces the risk of neurodegenerative diseases when you get older!". So take charge of your life today and live body proud!
Danielle Armstrong 


"My kids are my main motivating force. At age 45, I inspire them and they empower me"
Bridgette Grosvenor 

We were given only one body and only one lifetime to take care of it. You get out what you put in....that is with training and eating! I encourage all of my fellow athletes to learn from one another and challenge each other to be better than what we all once thought was our best! Don't compare yourself to everyone else. Be your best and then keep beating that".
Kala Duncan 


To embrace Body Proud as a life style, and not as a passing fashion or seasonal phase. Keep the mind focused, it is your most powerful ally in helping you to get fit".
Tirandeep Johal 

Being ‘Body Proud’ as "enabling me to continually develop my personal growth through mind, body and spiritual well-being with intensity and Purpose Driven Passion .
Yve Shaw


Looking good was not enough so I decided to step it up and get the best shape of my life! I got up on the FAME Stage, and actually achieved my goal in front of an audience of strangers. Setting that date and competing was really one of my greatest accomplishments and I know exactly how wonderful it feels to take the initiative to become my personal best and it feels even better to know your work MOTIVATE OTHERS!"

Sarah Ralston


"To show my body as a work of art, my sculpture, my creation"

Michael Ferencsik


if you have confidence, you are more likely to succeed in your endeavors and will be much happier and satisfied with life. Competing does that for me.

Emily Marshall

I feel I am a better mother because I take care of myself.  I love the fact that I am a testament to all the mothers out there that you can still look and feel young!"
Amy Rozer


Setting a goal that is outside your comfort zone is invaluable. For my, being shy, competing forced me to challenge myself.  I am much more confident now. 
Vahana Dorcis


It promotes a healthy lifestyle that includes strength training, clean eating and cardio can make you think,feel and look like a million bucks, Im free.  Coming from someone who faced anxiety and was anti-depressants, competing changed my life.

Sheena Hale


"After competing with FAME, I was totally thrilled to be on the cover of the FAME magazine...This was such a dream come true for me! I had the chance to be on stage with women who I have admired in this industry for years! Since then, things have not slowed down a bit... I have some great things coming up too!! Once again... just blessings, blessings, blessings."

Diana Chaloux


I have had a wonderful time traveling across the country and have met some really incredible people everywhere. I feel very blessed and fortunate to be able to do what I love: Stay positive and all your dreams will come true!"

 Eva Sefcova


"Competing has been great on my modeling career. Since the FAME World Championships I did shoots in Netherlands, London, Paris, Milan, and also NYC next month!"

Natalie Minh


"I just love this sport and embracing your body and telling everyone "yes this is my body and I have muscles!"
Angelique Kronebusch


"You only get one body. It's your responsibility to take care of it and keep it running optimally. Many young people don't realize that what you do right now will greatly impact how you feel as you grow older. Move it now and you'll continue to be able to move in your later years. ..... Also, while you do get the reward of "outward" beauty with proper nutrition and exercise, you also get "inside" beauty by keeping your body functions running efficiently."
 Soumaya Wilmore


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I believe fitness is about developing one's own character. It is the basis for developing self-love, self-respect and most importantly self-esteem.  Even at the age of 50, I consider myself an athlete.  I've been one since I was 5 years old.  I've taken breaks here & there over the years, but have never strayed far.

I now strive to be a role model for my 6 year old daughter and all women who have "gone through the change," proving that age is a state of mind.  "Fitness is a way of life, not something you do!" Jacque Johnston aka Coach Q

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