Malachi Smith: Rock Bottom to FAME Pro!

Listen to Malachi as he opens up about his personal life and shares his hugely inspirational and uplifting body proud story. Five years ago, he never thought he would be where he's at today. Says Malachi"I wasn't always body proud. In fact I was death waiting to happen". And at the same time, without the things that he went through 5 years ago, he likely never would be where he's at today... a family man who is now a true Role Model (and number one dad) for his young son, Traeveon.

Oh... and also FAME's newest Bodybuilding Pro athlete!!!

Watch this video.... You're about to be inspired!! (And wowed... his routine - and physique - are FAMEtastic)


XO Love Your FAME Family!!

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Congratulations and many blessings to you!!
Congrats to you Malachi! Allen and I are so proud of you.. and honored to have spent the weekend with you! We cant wait to do it again! Perhaps at our show in August!!!
Awesome Malachi!!! CONGRATS
Welcome to the FAME Pro Family!!!
so great to meet you!! Congrats!!
Congrats Malachi! It's been my pleasure to know you since day 1 and to see your fantastic progress. You're an amazing bodybuilder and an even better person. Looking forward to awesome things to come in 2010!
Congratulaitons Malachi!!!

I am SO Proud of you!

Thats great...congrats!
Awesome work Malachi! You've come a long way and it takes a strong person to accomplish what you have done. Best wishes to you in your training and your goals and for being a good role model for your wonderful son.
Well done Malachi! With God anything is truly possible. Enjoy the journey............
INSPIRATIONAL !!!! Great job buddy.
Nice job Malachi!!!! Take care.

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