Behind It All:

The BodyPROUD Community was launched by Mindy Blackstien and Jeffrey Kippel who have over 30 years combined experience in the fitness wellness industry.



THEN (Overview of Accomplishments):

Jeff and Mindy helped spearheaded and lay the foundation for what blossomed into a global fitness industry, which is still booming today. Their company, FAME, produced physique competitions worldwide; organized the country's largest fitness consumer expos; hosted personal training conventions; published national and international fitness, swimsuit and lifestyle magazines; managed athletes and top models; coached bodybuilders, fitness models, figure competitors, fitness athletes, presenters and workshop leaders; judged international pageants and events; launched the "I AM bodyPROUD" Community and aligned with quality brands, products and services to help people achieve their results.



Additional Brands:

The BodyPROUD Community, TSN/ESPN Fitness Series (TV), FAME: Fitness And Model Expo (Canada's largest health and fitness consumer show for all of its 5 years running), The Ultimate Fitness Challenge (with Trish Stratus), the Canadian Active Lifestyle Festival, FAME West, FAME East, FAME World Championships, FAME Centrals, FAME India Tour, FAME UK Championships, FAME Philippines, FAME South Africa, FAME Africa, FAME Caribbean, ANB-WNSO (Australia Bodybuilding Organization), FAME Magazine, and still more.




... AND NOW:

Their Personal Mission:

> Being integral to the shift of consciousness, influencing people globally to be bodyPROUD -- inside & out, head to toe, mind to heart -- who love living their most healthy, happy, active, and confident lives.


> Helping Trainers, Athletes and Wellness Professionals Develop Themselves Personally, Professionally, and Financially so that they can empower countless others.

> Popularizing "I AM BodyPROUD" as a personal mantra, and the thing to be regardless of age, socio-economic situations and life challenges

> Having BodyProud Challenge / Showcase events recognized for their life-enhancing value to the point that they become society-advocated and part of the educational curriculum



FAME Media Group Inc
> Assisting environmentally responsible brands, products, services, businesses and individuals who inspire, influence, facilitate and/or empower bodyPROUD living 

BodyPROUD Community:
> A safe place for individuals who are ready to take charge of their life and conquer their physical, mental and emotional hurdles, and a collection of AHAs made by those who have already done so having also transformed themselves into happy, healthy, confident, physically-able, life-loving, bodyPROUD beings. 

FAME World Tour:
> Providing global platforms for bodyPROUD individuals that double as incentives for people of all ages to sculpt their physique into that of their heart's desire.

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