In 1998
, we introduced healthy (natural, drug-tested) physique competitions into Canada, which helped explode the fitness industry into a worldwide phenomenon.

However, through personal observation we discovered:

  • many athletes who were healthy in body, were not necessarily 
    healthy in mind, heart, spirit
  • some athletes, knowingly or unknowingly, were not even healthy 
    in body; employing non-healthy measures to shape their physique
  • these same individuals, because of their appearance, are being 
    hailed as "health" and “fitness” role models
  • those who did not place where they had hoped did not always 
    leave happy, despite the fact that they excelled on stage and/or 
    triumphed in shaping their physique. 
  • those same people often equate their final placing as being 
    representative of their self-worth 
Whoa! That's not what we anticipated! 

At this point we knew something had to be done. 

On a positive note, we also discovered many life enhancing benefits that stem from the contest experience, including:
  • people who develop enthusiasm and desire towards enhancing the
    body, its abilities and its physical potential
  • soaring confidence -- and therefore, joy -- even amongst those who
    had always been shy
  • empowering individuals to transform themselves, sculpt their physique
    to their desired vision,
    lose weight, and/or improve their lives
  • the impetus to face -- and finally triumph over -- previous longstanding
    life limiting obstacles / barriers
  • appreciation and  enjoyment for being physically active and  staying fit

In 2008, we chose to focus on the positive aspects and launched the "I Am BodyPROUD"  international platform.  
As a lifestyle, a movement, a state of mind, and a personal mantra, choosing to embrace the words  “I Am BodyPROUD” empowers people to further commit to themselves and their choices; to love their body, to shape it with pride, to nourish their cells, to hone their physical abilities, and to enjoy feeling proud of their accomplishments. It requires an inner strength that expresses itself externally, influencing people to live alive, enjoy every moment, use their mind as a personal tool, open their hearts, and unleash the joy and freedom that exists within: head to toe, mind to heart, inside and out.
Beginning in 2012, we are merging these two worlds, and are passionate and excited to once again lead the fitness industry to new heights!

By infusing body, mind, heart, spirit principles as part of physique events, accomplished physique athletes are also distinguished as bodyPROUD role models, and recognized as exceptional!

We have passionately immersed ourselves in this ginormous project, and have been attracting like-minded launch partners. Action plans, concepts, and strategies are well underway.  We  are excited!

Although we had hoped to launch this first “fusion-event” as part of this year’’s FAME World Championship Las Vegas Weekend in Decemberthe reality is that a 2011 date will not do it justice. With so many intricate and all-encompassing details, additional time is needed for infrastructure and development.

As such, many previously scheduled FAME Corporate events are on hold, including the 2011 FAME World Championships LIVE Event.

We expect this is not what many of you had wanted to learn. Us too... In fact, this is the FIRST TIME in 14 Years that the World Championships is skipping a year. We apologize from deep in our heart. Please do keep in mind, however, the positive aspect, the reason we are doing this: it's for you, for us... for all of us, for the future of fitness, and for us together to be able to inspire society to new levels of wellness. 

Along the way, we will provide opportunities for you to share your insights and opinions, promote your health and wellness products or services, and be part of the body PROUD voice that is changing the world.

Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and for ongoing updates and leaks on upcoming on-location and/or online events, projects, symposiums, courses, retreats, and parties, including the 2012 FAME World Tour.

Thank you so much for your attention. We are very sorry that this project is taking longer than anticipated.  Please forgive us. We very much love and appreciate you and are so grateful that you are all a part of this.

With love, hugs, health, and gratitude,

Mindy Blackstien & Jeffrey Kippel
Lead Ambassadors & Scouts


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It's Time! Love YOUR Body. Be Body PROUD!


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This direction that you and mindy are taking will be even bigger, especially with Visalus as a partner. (Hulk Hogan has become a Rep for them. It doesnt get any better than that!) This will give people a chance to really tell their story on how they changed their lifestyle and became proud....BodyProud! And it doesnt matter if they used Visalus, Herbalife, Monavie, Youngliving, etc. Whatever worked for you to become BodyProud, losing weight, eating healthier, working out, decreasing various illnesses due to working out and how you changed your eating habits, the fact of the matter is that they did it, and now they have a place to share their transformation. Everyone here should applaud the two of you (and I know they have!) You have perservered through a lot to get to the place where you are now, and the members on here see that. It is a pleasure and an honor to call the two of you friends, and I look forward in really getting more involved with BodyProud/FAME within the year. My connections here in Iceland will be growing and I will have a much better chance of trying to showcase an event here. So once again I applaud the two of you! :-)

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