• Everyone has a story.  This is your time to share your story; inspire others; foster your sense of belonging, community; earn points; and most importantly, share your triumphs and/or commit to your body proud goals.  Body Proud Showcase Event Schedule
  • There is no physique judging.  However, all participants earn points and are awarded a Certificate of Recognition and Triumph.
  • Together we can inspire the world!
  • The Body Proud Transformation Showcase events (3A and 3B) are truly a magical experience.

Competitors are invited to take the mic during the competition weekend and share their personal "body proud" story of trials and triumphs.  With two minutes in the spotlight, participants are celebrated as they share an honest introspective reflection of their life journey, amongst family, supporters and fans. Tears are shed; friendships are formed; applause is loud and heartfelt; and inspiration is widespread.  

At the kickoff event for the 2010 FAME World Tour, we heard from Honnor MooreMalachi SmithJulie Perez and Amy Barnes.   Both Honnor and Julie recently rehabilitated themselves from the confines of a wheelchair; Honnor because she was pushing past a degenerative disease and Julie because she was left paralyzed after a drunk driving accident.  Malachi also changed his life around completely after hitting rock bottom with a heroin addiction.  Amy, who was a victim of domestic violence successfully lost over 300lbs and, in the process, removed herself from that environment.

See the example of Malachi Smith who once hit ROCK BOTTOM and is

Those are only a few examples. The truth is that everyone has their own story.  And everyone who is listening can always relate to someone(s) story no matter how dramatic or significant it may seem to the masses.  In fact, one mom can inspire ten thousand others; a fit grandparent grabs the attention of the senior market; someone who
successfully overcame anorexia by making healthier choices undoubtedly inspires others to do the same; and those who have found ways to manage an illness becomes the exact motivator one needs to reclaim their own health.  

So, overall the Body Proud Showcase events impact the lives of many. They inspire others to set and attain their own body proud goals and they quickly increase the fan base of each and every competitor who participates.  A true magical experience.

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